Problems and Goals Case Study

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Problems and Goals Case Study
Jessica Grimes
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March 14, 2016
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Problems and Goals Case Study
Case Alicia and Montford The case study of Alicia and Montford contained numerous problems that included living in a homeless shelter with their parents for the past six months which is coming to an end, poor performance in school, and lack of social skills and test scores. The homeless shelter seems to have a six month policy on how long families can stay, which seems to be an issue. The goal is to have the family relocated into another facility before the month is up and try to stay in the same school district. Alicia and Montford both have low performance in school, meaning they do not do their homework nor classwork and cannot read on grade level. A goal for this problem is to have both children reading at the appropriate grade level and show them the importance of school work. Another issue that seems to coincide with this problem is low test scores. Ultimately, once reading has been accomplished these scores will continue to rise. Montford is very combative and reluctant towards teachers and classmates, while Alicia is quiet and unresponsive. Both Alicia and Montford need to achieve higher social skills and the ability to communicate their feelings in a more positive manner.
Services, Resources and Support Focusing on the children’s behavior, I would recommend some sort of therapy for the both of them. It seems they have underlying behavioral issues that affect their everyday communication and social skills, thus affecting their school performance. Both parents also need some type of therapy and encouragement, so they can be great role models for their children. Both parents need to teach their children the importance of school and why it is important to get good grades. This family will need housing services since their…...

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