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1. Price: Setting prices involves considering many factors, including the cost of food, cost of labor, what the competition is doing and what your target customers are willing to pay.

Pricing is the only part of the marketing mix which brings in revenue. -Once a price has been set, consumers will often show a great deal of resistance to any attempts to change it.
- Pricing frequently has important implications for the positioning of a product.
- Price is the marketing mix variable for which a competitive response can be most quickly implemented.

Comparing your menu with that of your competitors also helps. It not only opens more doors towards pricing your menu, it offers you a solid foundation on how to measure your profits. Performing a cross analysis helps uncover strengths and weaknesses in your pricing plan, specifically in terms of the way your items are priced and presented. By doing this, you determine which items are most popular, which are most profitable, which need extra publicity, and which need to removed or replaced.

2. Personal Health :The restaurant must have substitutes to replace those ingredients that might cause allergies or customer requests that chefs exclude them in food preparation. Religious restrictions, dietary demands, personal choices, special diets, and allergies cause people to ask for special cooking measures. Chefs learn to offer some regular meals that meet many restrictive needs or to change traditional preparations with substitute ingredients that keep the flavor.

* Religious restrictions: Mormons have certain eating restrictions, and some Christians abstain from meat on Fridays. Jews accept some or all of the kosher guidelines that allow no pork or shellfish, and they cannot eat meat and dairy products at the same meal. Muslims follow halal, which prohibits alcohol, pork, carnivorous animals, and sea creatures without…...

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...My strategy was mainly focused on the following pillars: - Try to avoid price war as much as possible - Track seasonality of demand through market demand always - Try to understand how much you should change in price based on demand predictions using the breakeven calculator - Use differing price sensitivities for business and leisure travelers and see where is Universal competitive edge across each of the 3 major markets - I was also trying to increase net profits by increasing rental costs in areas where Universal had increased market share (Miami in my case and sometimes in Orlando) - Going forward, I learned a couple of lessons: - I should have managed better my capacity utilization by modiying fleet size in growing cities - Increasing the fleet size to meet market demand is important where I could have generated more sales and hence revenues The simulation covers core pricing concepts including:-The nature and dynamics of consumer response to price (price elasticities)-Pricing for specific customer segments and geographic markets-The role of fixed costs and variable costs in pricing decisions-The role of pricing in managing product inventory We were quickly able to observe that weekday and weekend demand outstripped supply, we deduced that weekday demand was a proxy for business users and weekend demand was a proxy for leisure users. After running the simulation for the first quarter we were able to analyse the Price Elasticity of Demand (PED). In general we......

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...Factors that Abraham Isaac manufacturer (AIM) should consider when setting prices for their products at home and in new markets. AIM is manufacturer of Teak Furniture and the head office is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Price Price can be defined as the sum of all the values that customers give up in order to gain the benefit of having or using a product or service. In simple words it’s the amount of money charged for a product or service. Pricing have a direct impact on the company’s bottom line. Even a small percentage of improvement in price can generate a large percentage in profitability. Price also plays a key role in creating customer value building customer relationships. AIM should avoid the common mistakes of pricing, which are:- a) Too cost oriented b) Not revised often enough to reflect market changes c) Fail to take into account the other element of the marketing mix d) Not varied for different products, market segments and purchase occasions The AIM marketing manager will have to consider the below mentioned factors for the prices of their finished products at home and in new / emerging markets. Internal Factors The pricing decision can be affected by factors that are controlled by the marketing department of AIM organisation. These factors include: 1. Marketing Objectives Pricing decisions can be influenced by different types of objectives, but AIM will have to look at the four key objectives in which pricing plays a......

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...Mata Kuliah : Manajemen Pemasaran Dosen : Prof Dr Ir Ujang Sumarwan, MSc UJIAN AKHIR TRIWULAN PRICE STRATEGIES UNILEVER DAN NESTLE Oleh: ` Marza Riyandika Nugraha P056132311.51 MAGISTER MANAJEMEN DAN BISNIS INSTITUT PERTANIAN BOGOR 2014 1. Jelaskan apa yang dimaksud dengan PRICE STRATEGIES. Harga adalah salah satu elemen dari bauran pemasaran yang dapat menghasilkan pendapatan, sementara elemen lainnya menghasilkan biaya. Dan harga merupakan elemen termudah dalam pemasaran untuk diubah, jika dibandingkan dnegan fitur produk, saluran distribusi dan komunikasi yang membutuhkan lebih banyak waktu. Harga juga mampu mengkomunikasikan pada pasar positioning nilai perusahaan dari sebuah produk atau merek. Sehingga produk yang dipasarkan dan didesign dengan baik dapat diberikan harga premium dan meraih untung yang besar. Namun realita ekonomi yang tidak menentu membuat konsumen lebih berhati-hati membelanjakan uangnya, sehingga perusahan perlu meninjau strategi harganya dengan hati-hati agar dapat menentukan kombinasi yang tepat dimana konsumen mampu membayar dan perusahaan mendapatkan laba yang diinginkan.oleh karena itu strategi harga adalah suatu aktivitas dalam mencari harga optimum sebuah produk berdasarkan pertimbangan tujuan pemasaran, permintaan konsumen, atribut produk, harga pesaing dan tren ekonomi maupun pasar. 2. Jelaskan strategi harga yang akan dilaksananakan oleh Nestle dan Unilever. Perilaku konsumen terkadang sulit untuk diprediksi......

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...profile street marketing events with paid performers are planned.  They kick off with “The full monty”  They agreed with“opinion leading” youth magazine editors to publish advertorial pieces extolling them Constraints  Make sure Virgin’s prices are competitive  Make sure that its profitable  Don’t want to trigger off competitive reactions Pricing There are three options for pricing 1. Clone the industry prices 2. Pricing lower than the competition 3. Completely new pricing system First Option: Cloning The Industry Pros  Easy to promote  Simply to apply  Low or maybe no cost for commissioning  Customers are familiar with the pricing system Cons • No differentiation in pricing • Hard to attract targeted young customers • Risk of losing the advantages of Virgin Xtra • Complicated system Second Option: Below The Industry Pros Additionally to pros to the first option  Attracts new customers easily  Competitive price advantage  Fits to their costumer segmentation Cons In addition to cons for the first option • Possible price reaction of competition • Risk of low profit • Low quality image Third Option: “A Whole New Plan” Pros  Allows to start from scratch and setting new rules  Price differentiation besides service differentiation  Flexible pricing options  Attracts customers who feels conned by market pricing Cons • Risk of an unused system • More costly to promote • Higher risks of churn Third Option: “A Whole......

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