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Research Portfolio Step 2: Locating Resources Related to Your Topic

1. Visit a library, either in person or online. Access the library’s online database system. Look through the titles of the databases and note five databases that you think would contain articles about the issue you chose in research portfolio step 1. Write or type the names of the five databases.

American Government (ABC-CLIO)

African American History (Infobase Publishing)

African American Experience (ABC-CLIO)

History Reference Center (EBSCO)

U.S. History in Context (Gale)

2. In the five databases, look for articles about the issue you chose to research. List the biographical information about each article and write a question that you think the article might answer.

Does the media play a role in the Presidential Nomination process?

Author (if one is given)
Article title of article Assessing the 2012 U.S. presidential election
Magazine / Journal name Presidential Studies Quarterly
Publication date September 2014
Page numbers of original printed article (if applicable) Presidential Studies Quarterly 44.3 (2014): 384+
Database name U.S. History in Context (Gale)
Library name Gale
Library city, state
Access date 6/22/2016

Database URL

Can the President create a Secret Police?

Author (if one is given) Budiansky, Stephen
Magazine / Journal name American Heritage
Publication date Oct2004
Page numbers of original printed article (if applicable) p55
Database name History Reference Center (EBSCO)
Library name EBSCOHOST
Library city, state
Access date 6/22/2016
Database URL

Did the stock market play a role in Barack Obama getting reelected?

Author (if…...

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...Presidential Election Voting for presidency is not only a right, but a privilege and I am grateful that we live in a country that allows us to vote every four years for a new one. This year Mitt Romney is running against our current President now, Barack Obama. The next upcoming Presidential Election is on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 and if I were to vote for either Obama or Romney, I would vote for Obama because I believe that he will be able to get our economy back up and create enough jobs for America. Barack Obama has a 12-point plan to repair the U.S. economy, and to bring about must needed change. First, Obama and Biden(vice president) plans to make a $1,000 tax cut for the middle class, which will be going from bottom up, not top to bottom which is a great change. They also plan to make energy rebates which will give American families an immediate $1,000 emergency energy rebate to help pay rising bills; this is great for families struggling to make ends meet. Obama and Biden believe that we should invest in innovation and manufacturing jobs in the clean energy market, hoping to create 5 million green jobs. This will not only create more jobs for Americans, but also help our nation to become a clean and infficent country. Obama’s plans for the future look planned out and realistic for our country’s economic growth. He will be helping Americans in every way by tax cuts, money for to help pay bills, and investing in clean energy which in return create 5 million jobs.......

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...Presidential powers have grown significantly since the framing of our country. The extent of this growth is not always fully appreciated by the public. Perhaps the reason for this growth is due to the ambiguously written Constitution. The constitutional text leaves room for interpretation and for the executive office “to grow with the developing nation”. (Milkis &Nelson) In Article I of the Constitution, it grants specific powers to Congress, Article II also grants powers to the President but are written in vague terms such as “executive power,” or the duty “to take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” (Milkis &Nelson) Unlike the legislative and judicial branch, the Presidency has consistently possessed significant inherent powers. Therefore, many of the President’s powers are recognized powers, such as the authority to declare war or the authority to act in times of national emergency. The framers of the Constitution purposely designed the separation of powers to protect the rights of citizens and prevent any one person or political group from “ruling with an iron fist”. (Mount) Whether or not a President has exceeded his powers is not often obvious because the powers of then executive office are somewhat unclear. Additionally, there is little case law addressing presidential powers so there is no precedent to follow. The way that previous Presidents use their powers in the past, stands as authority for current or future Presidents to engage in...

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Presidential Election he likely to win again?. Using sources such as newspapers, online journals and poll websites to evaluate how successful Romney’s campaign will be. Romney The man, the plan. Mitt Romney has emerged through the rankings of the Republican Party to run in the 2012 Presidential campaign. Romney attended Harvard University where he studied law and business. He later moved on to become a high powered business executive who swiftly stepped into his father’s former position as Governor of Massachusetts in 2002. Even though he only served one term he quickly had his sights set higher but he was unsuccessful in his first attempt at becoming a Presidential candidate when he lost out to John McCain in 2008. Successful the second time around, he is committed to making sure someone in the race “understands” the Economy. During the race for the 2012 Presidential campaign he is following the strategy that political scientist Lynn Vavurect would call a “Clarifying campaign”, he is ensuring that the current bleak state of the economy and the excessively high rate of 8% national unemployment is at the forefront of voter’s minds. Campaign strategy such as this has been successful in the past. In 1980 during his Presidential campaign Ronald Reagan asked the voters “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” and in 1992 “It’s the economy stupid?” was the question sported by Bill Clinton.”We’ve heard it all before” and “Are you better off?” are Romney campaign slogans. He is......

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...Weird Presidential Facts Many presidential facts are know. Also many are not know. Some of the most weirdest, craziest and interesting facts that people don’t know. There is something out there about any of our United States president that you didn’t know. I’m only going to tell you about some of them. Some of the crazy interesting facts are George Washington, he never lived in the white house. This was because the capital was actually located in Philadelphia and other cities. Also, Washington is the only president who didn’t belong to a political party. A lot of people think Washington teeth were made out of wood, but actually they were made out of elephant and walrus tusks. Our third president Thomas Jefferson and second president John Adam went to Shakespeare’s birth place and took a knife to his chair to bring back a souvenirs. Jefferson believed that if he was to soak his feet in a bucket of cold water he would never get a cold. The fourth president James Madison and Thomas Jefferson were arrested for taking a carriage ride on a Sunday in the county of Vermont together, that was a violation to the law. James Monroe died on July fourth along with Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. Also he chased his Secretary of State out of the White House with a pair of tongs. A really crazy fact about John Quincy Adams often liked to go skinny dipping in the Potomac River. John Q. Adams wore the same hat for 10 years. As well Andrew Jackson was the first to ride in a train. Andrew......

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...Forms of Presidential Primaries Jason E. Wyatt Grantham University Instructor’s Name American Government II 13 March 2012 In the presidential race there are several types of Primaries that can be held. Let’s first look what a primary is. According to a primary in US politics is a preliminary election in which voters of each party nominate candidates for office. There are different ways that voters are able to vote for their candidate. There is a Closed Primary which is a type of primary in which voters are limited to choosing candidates from the party in which they are a member of (AG&PT,pg184). In a closed primary voters have to declare their party’s affiliation and has to vote according to their party. This prevents voters from voting for the candidate on the opposing party that they feel has the best chance of losing against their candidate. Another Primary is an Open Primary which is a primary in which any registered voter can vote but must vote for candidates for one party (AG&PT,pg184). In an Open Primary voters pick a side in the privacy of the voter’s booth. This is also called voting a straight ticket. Then there is the Blanket Primary where voters can vote for candidates of different parties regardless of their political affiliation. This practice was allowed until 2000 when the United Stated Supreme Court ruled that allowing voters to do this violated the parties First Amendment Right of association. This seems......

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...George Bush, and the only big presidential power he really used was going to war with Iraq without going to Congress. However, presidents are not all-seeing or all-powerful beings that can stop every tragedy. While the attack itself may not have been Bush’s fault, there are still many people who feel as if he could have done more and used more of his presidential powers to be more prepared. Even more rational people still blame Bush a little for the tragedy that occurred that day and wish he had known more and was more prepared. Many people think that Bush should have suspected the attack or at least considered it a possibility that it could happen. It is no new fact that many people in the Middle East do not like the United Sates and often times they do not like the people of the United States. No president, no matter how great, could have fully predicted and had enough executive power to prevent the events of 9-11-01. There are certain acts and rules that try to make sure that the president doesn’t overstep his bounds too much. In some cases they try to not to let the President overstep at all. The War Powers Resolution and a good chunk of the Constitution try to limit the president and what he can do. The 22nd Amendment itself limits a president’s term in office so that he cant stay in office for as long as he is voted in, which could turn into a sort of monarchy or dictatorship. As mentioned before, Congress tried to limit the presidential powers by......

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...Presidential Elections Andres B. Ronquillo HIST122A 15 July 2012 Our nation’s first presidential election took place in 1789, when Americans voted for electors and they voted for Washington, who ran and won without much opposition. However, it is 2012 and it has been over 200 years since that first election took place. Many things have changed since then, including the election process its self. I am not going to get into much detail about the process, Instead I will focus this paper on the changes we, as a nation, went through. I will focus more on the issues that have changed us the most, as a nation. Through the course of this class I have learned that some of the issues we have had in the past were based on race, gender, illiteracy and even poverty. I will touch on some of these issues but only briefly. Instead I will talk about present day presidential elections and how even though we have changed a lot of the major issues that affected the election process, there are still many issues that still affect us today. I will mainly focus on one of these issues. The Problems I will discuss will be focused around the military vote, mainly because I am in the Army and have friends/ family that are in the military. The problems with the absentee ballot system, are part of the issues I will discuss. It will be four years, in November, since President Obama was elected as our nation’s 44th President. Just like in 2008 and every other Presidential election year, we the......

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...PRESIDENTIAL POWER/LEADERSHIP AND RULES OF WARFARE Student’s Name International Relations Date Presidential Power and Leadership US president has a lot of power, but constrained by many checks and balances imposed by the constitution. The president will have to be put into a bill which must be passed by Congress. One of the bills in the Congress debate timeline is Cyber security bill. In my opinion, the Congress should pass the President's Cyber security proposal. The bill protects American citizens in various ways. It proposes to centralize reporting of breach data nationally (Burns 2012). This is a win-win game between clients and investors. This is because the proposal compels entities to show information to consumers incase their personal information is accessed illegally. Thus, businesses are incentives to incorporate better cyber security. Also, it helps consumers to be vigilant on their identity theft. The proposal also puts cyber crime in the realm of other types of crimes and spell penalties to the culprits. This will help law enforcers in fighting organized cyber crime which is prevalent in the current computer world (Thomas 2013). Thus, the American people are protected from cyber fraudsters who siphon their huge possessions. ......

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...Executive government, whereas the Congress heads the legislative and judiciary government i.e. Supreme Court. The Constitution of the United States of America went into effect in 1789 and is in effect since. The powers of the President are as mentioned by Article II of the constitution. Even though the constitution itself has not changed and the powers of the President remain the same as vested by the constitution, there has been a great difference between the powers exercised by the first President; George Washington and the current President; Barack Obama. First, the powers of the President bestowed by the Constitution will be reviewed. Then a comparison of the powers exercised by George Washington and Barack Obama will be discussed. Presidential Powers according to the Constitution American politics is now dominated by the President. But the president does not govern the country. The government of America is composed of coordination of executive, legislative and judiciary bodies. The President should accept and recognize the legitimate powers of the senators and representatives for the usual day to day works. The following powers are given to the President by the Constitution: * The power to appoint members of Cabinet, ambassadors, Judges of Federal Courts and Justices of Supreme Courts (after consulting the Senate). * Power to veto bills formulated by the Congress. * Power to make treaties with other nations with the consent of two-thirds of the Senate. ......

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...R...... Supreme Court Essay #1 10/31/14 Since the American Revolution and the creation of a new nation under a written Constitution, the Framers of the United States had a vision of a republic that shared the balance of governance within a three branch system; each designed to organize a balance of power whereby Constitutional division of powers provide each branch the means to frustrate the goals favored by a single branch; in an attempt to promote interbranch cooperation. The Framers had extreme distrust in a large national government and especially in the case of executive power due to the events that led to the Revolutionary War. However, by the time the Constitutional Convention, most of the Framers were convinced of the need for a strong and independent executive at the national level. They also took steps to ensure the executive position could act with the necessary decisiveness and dispatch, most importantly the President was granted extensive powers, primarily the enumerated powers found in Article II of the Constitution. Despite the absence of a written provision of separation of powers in the Constitution, the Framers believed the principle to be implicit within the structure of government under the document. As John Marshall stated the framers sought to create a Constitution “intended to endure for ages to come and consequently to be adapted to the various crises of human......

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...2016 Presidential Election I have chosen to write about the candidate Ted Cruz from the 2016 presidential election. I will be discussing Mr. Cruz’ political stance on immigration, gun control, and gay rights. We also discuss how David Easton, Harold Lasswell, and Hans Morganthan apply to our political parties now in days. The first issue we shall deliberate on is immigration because it has been a hot topic during the debates. The Texas Senator has a website discussing his stance on this issue and what he would do to change it like building a wall to prevent illegal immigrants or terrorist from crossing over to American soil. He also wants to triple the border patrol agents to secure the wall. He has also said that he would put an end to President Obama’s amnesty by rescinding all those that he gave out. He has always been trying to strengthen our immigration system. For an instance, when he filed an amendment that would block illegal immigrants that are living in the United States from ever getting their citizenship, strengthen border security, prohibit federal, state, and local benefits from giving assistants to undocumented immigrants. In an article from the U.S. News Cruz stated that: The amendments filed today to strengthen border security and reform our legal immigration system will not only bring meaningful, effective improvements to our immigration system, but also have a chance of becoming law. America is a nation of immigrants, built by immigrants and we......

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...9/11 changed the landscape of American foreign policy, including a sharp rise in Presidential authority in areas of foreign policy and war. The power struggle between Congress and the Executive Branch is not new, however, but it seems to have reached to new levels in recent years. The debate over who has more authority in foreign policy issues has existed since the framing of the Constitution. I doubt the framers, however, could have imagined a world in which the President has almost unrivaled power in the realm of foreign policy. Ever since the United States became a world power following World War Two, the Executive Branch has increased in power and authority. Does the Executive Branch need more authority and flexibility when foreign policy is concerned though? When the United States is at war, we may need quick and decisive decisions that only the Executive Branch can give. When the military found Osama Bin Laden, President Obama did not wait to consult Congress. He and his advisors simply sent in the Seals and killed him. This is a good example of why so many believe the President needs more authority in times of war. Wars need a fast response when a situation arises and the country does not need Congress to endlessly debate about what to do; therefore, they have given the President more leeway in war powers over time. Congress did briefly give war powers back to themselves in the War Powers Act of 1973 during the crisis over the Vietnam War and Watergate. People......

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...There are no effective checks on Presidential power. Discuss There are a number of ways the President has got a number of powers that make the executive more powerful than Congress and the Judiciary. Through the President’s power to announce legislation, appoint federal jobs, be Commander in Chief, negotiate treaties and veto legislation; hold the Executive as a more powerful body than the other two. However, there are a number of checks and balances that the Legislature and the Judiciary hold over the Executive that limit the President’s power. The extent of the limitations on the President’s power will be examined in this essay. The President’s ability to announce legislation during his annual State of Union address gives the President an opportunity to highlight the legislative agenda that he wants to get passed in the forthcoming year. This is an important power to the President because if Congress adjourns without acting on his proposals, the President has the power to call Congress into a unique session at his discretion. Also, the President can force adjournment in Congress if both houses cannot agree on a piece of legislation, therefore the president has a deciding vote in theory over some legislation. The President, as he is a powerful influence on public opinion he is a powerful influence over Congress. However, the President does not sit within the Legislature and therefore does not have the power to propose direct legislation. Congress can also adjourn his......

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...Presidential Powers Since the birth of modern Presidency in the 1930’s, Presidential powers have been growing at an alarmingly unreasonable rate. It would seem as though the further into the future we get, the more unconstitutional this country becomes. Many of the laws laid down by our founding fathers were very vague, however, for the most part, they were deciphered and regarded as the law of the land. Recently it would appear that political officials are twisting around these vague entries to fit the criteria that is convenient at the time, or worse, circumventing the laws entirely; thus debilitating our constitutional system of separation of powers. Let’s start with signing statements. According to the Constitution, Article II, the President can sign the bill or veto it. That is the Constitutional limit to his power with signing statements. Modern presidents, however, use these statements as ways to incorporate their own thoughts on the bill and “announcing a president’s intention to violate particular sections of the bill he is signing into law” (Swanson, 4). By doing this he is clearly overstepping his authority as president, since it is the duty of his Congress to make laws and not his place to either critique them or disregard them. While on the subject of inadvertence to law, let’s go over the ever so continuous controversy of the Anti Torture Act. In 1988 President Ronald Regan signed the UN Convention Against Torture, prohibiting any such acts as......

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...Running head: Presidential Appointment 1 Presidential Appointment Janet Overby ITT Presidential Appointment 2 Abstract The following paper will research former President Bush’s presidential judicial appointments. I will include my interpretation of various judicial appointments made by him as well as why I think he made the appointments. Presidential Appointment 3 Presidential Appointment The judicial appointments of former president George W. Bush suggests that his motivation for appointing nontraditional judges was driven more by ideology and strategy than concerns for diversity. All of the federal judicial appointments over Bush’s two terms of presidency show that overall the federal courts did not gain in the number of minority judges during his tenure; however, he did make a number of diverse appointments, especially with Hispanics. By looking at what appeared to be replacement patterns, Bush did actually appoint several minorities. In order to have any type of gain in diversity, more seats would have to be replaced with diverse judges than what it was actually started with, because if not, it would not be equivalent to a diverse bench. I think that ideology played a huge role in Bush’s appointments over diversity. To support my opinion, research states that Bush appointed more men – 78% - than women – 22%. He also appointed more whites – a whopping 82% - than......

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