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Lecture Paper: INB 574 AEC Opportunities and Challenges
Public Health on HIV PreExposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Issue.
Brief introduction of PrEp
PrEP is a short name of Pre Exposure Prophylaxis or giving the anti-virus medicine to those who has yet infect by HIV Virus, to prevent and protect the body in virus pre-exposure status. PrEP can be given by pills or in gel through anus or vagina.
PrEP were originally from the concept of pathogenesis post exposure for instant after been touch the virus, the semen ware actually stay where it had been touch but yet spared to the whole body for 1-3 days. Found that PrEP can be block the spreading process but the problem is that usually the patient are come to the doctor and get the pills too late. It is because the high risk for the patient.
The Food and Drug Administration of the United States has approved the medicine called Tenofavir (TFD) 300 MG. and Emtricitabine (FTC) 200 MG. since year of 2012. By taking the pill once a day and everyday either with or without any sexual intercourse.
The effective of PrEP are 44-73% among men who have sex with men cases and 62-75 % in straight couple. Somehow this depends on how regularly of taking pills.
How safe and the side effect of PrEP are not really big issue such as getting vomit or loss weight at the beginning of taking the pills but in a long term are so far haven’t found any major side effect issue or less than 5% making problem with kidney.
The challenges of pre-exposure prophylaxis of HIV prevention PrEP are mostly recommended focus for the population of those has high risk of getting an HIV and obviously benefit from PrEP is the incident rate of HIV and balancing the risk rate side effect of the medication. Although the negative are sometime happens but somehow its benefits of PrEP to those who HIV negative. PrEP are clearly big benefits amonth the man who have sex…...

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