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Power, Difference, and Privilege

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What do Power, Difference, and Privilege have to do with me?

Difference can be many things. Essentially, anyone can describe themselves by going around the “Diversity Wheel”. I am a female, an Iranian-American, white, twenty-one years old, heterosexual, and non-disabled. When we take a look at the outer ring of the wheel, we go more in depth on an individual’s personal background history. In the outer ring, I am single, a sister, and I come from a middle-class family. I have lived in Northern Virginia all of my life, but I was born in Athens, Greece. I come from a Muslim background, but have never been raised to practice.

The diversity wheel does not say much about my personal history or about my characteristics that make me who I am. When we take a look at the diversity wheel we can see how certain social aspects shape our lives. We cannot see, however, how people perceive you and treat you. When people first see me, they perceive me as a young, female, college student. They do not know what my background is, how many siblings I have, if I have work experience, and so forth.

I come off as a very thoughtful, enthusiastic person. I feel like people treat me pretty fairly in terms of opportunities at work, as well as outside of work. There have been times, however, that I felt as though I was not being treated as fairly as I would have liked. For instance, I have a twin brother and an older sister. My parents have always given my brother more free will just because he is a male and I am a female. It has always been that way growing up. As we got older, things have changed, but it was always an issue I had with my parents.

Another thing that I have witnessed is when I go out with friends, both male and female; I notice that because I am a young-woman, males think that it is okay to treat me differently.. By this I mean they think it is okay to…...

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