Postpartum Case Study

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Postpartum Case Study
May 26, 2016

Postpartum Case Study
Admission Assessment
J.B. a 38-year-old female, G5, P3 (SAB 2, L3) admitted on 5/09/16 at 0930 for a scheduled repeat cesarean section. The patient’s chief complaint is minor contractions and concern from previous SAB (Spontaneous Abortions). J.B’s 1st pregnancy ended at 13 weeks with a SAB. 2nd pregnancy ended by C-section at 37 weeks due fetal intolerance. Her 3rd pregnancy ended at 38 weeks with a repeat C-section and her 4th pregnancy ended at 11 weeks with a SAB. Bringing us to this pregnancy number 5. J.B. chose to have a repeat C-section, because her physician recommended it due to a prior C-section. Multiple scars on uterus increase the risk for several serious problems for women and fetus. These risks include: scar rupture, placenta previa, placental abruption, and placenta accrete (Tobah, 2015). A high-risk pregnancy involves at least one of the following; the woman or baby is more likely to become ill or die more than usual. 
Complications before or after delivery are more likely to occur than usual. 
High-risk pregnancies must be closely monitored. Some risk factors are present before women become pregnant. These risk factors include certain physical and social characteristics of women, problems that have occurred in previous pregnancies, and certain disorders women already have. In J.B.’s case she had a high-risk pregnancy due to several reasons, she has advanced maternal age > 35, prior miscarriages, obesity, and prior C-section. Advanced maternal age, which is described as age 35 or more for the mother at the time of delivery of her baby. Pathophysiology of a high-risk pregnancy can include; placental abruption, dysfunctional labor, congenital anomalies, fetal malpresentation, hypertension, preeclampsia, diabetes, preterm labor, cesarean delivery, postpartum hemorrhage, and…...

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