Possible Risks of Outsourcing

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Possible risks of outsourcing There is no way around protecting from all known risks from outsourcing but there are certain items that can help slow down the issue. There are going to be times when recommendations will not be accepted or appealingly to certain situations. We will go on and explain different risks that may or may not occur and some recommendations for different risk mitigation strategies.

External service provider for data storage There are different types of people that want an easier way to store data and this is where flash drives com into the scene. The flash drives are small enough to carry with you and store data from your computer to bring with you everyone. A flash drive can hold up to 16 GB of data which is very convenient for college students or people who work for a big firm. There are also a lot of risks involved when handling a flash drive.
For an example of the risks involved for using an external device is as followed; * Stolen - Someone stealing your flash drive that might have sensitive data from your company on it is a major risk. * Lost - Since the flash drive is very small and it is very easy to carry with you but because of the size it is also very easy to lose. * Damages (external) - Being damaged is very easy to a flash drive since it is very small in size. Being damaged also means the data can also be damaged or lost. Also forgetting about your flash drive in a pants pocket and then having them washed is a number reason for flash drives getting damaged. * Security (data) - viruses that can be copied to the flash drive, this happening because there is no internal security which makes the flash drive a high security risk.
Risk mitigation strategy If the company is going to use flash drives the best practice is to encrypt the data that will be going on the drive.…...

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