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Polluter Corp is a leading household cleaning products manufacturing company based in the United States. The Company operates three manufacturing facilities as an SEC registrant. Company emission allowances of vintage years are granted by U.S government to be used 2010 and 2030. According to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Polluter Corp. recorded EAs as intangible assets with a zero cost basis when government issued EAs to company and has a fiscal year end of December 31.
Government has special guidance to control or reduce the emission of pollutants and greenhouse gases to participating companies. These are explained as follow; companies have a specified level of pollutants to emit EAs. EAs with same vintage year designation are exchangeable or replaceable by any companies to reduce pollution. That means company can buy EAs from other companies when it needs EAs or sell excess its EAS to other companies who need to satisfy pollution control obligation through a broker. According to EAs regulation, company is required to deliver to the governing bodies EAs sufficient to offset the company’s actual emission or pay a fine for overage of EAs.
Currently, Polluter has facing a significant increase in emission due to its old manufacturing facilities and forecasted a need for EAs in fiscal year 2010-2014. In order to reduce green house gas emission to a significant low level, company plans to upgrade its facilities in 2014 and it will cost $15 millions. Under the direction of the board, the company has business plan in investing activities for 2014 to embark on the company’s future success. As a result of completion of upgrade, company will have excess EAs in fiscal years subsequent to 2014.
Based on the facts of Polluter Corp. transaction, the company purchased $3 million worth of EAs with a vintage year of 2012. Company used cash to purchase…...

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