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Shawn Pierre
Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Unit 4 Assignment 1
Personal Leadership Action Plan

The challenge within the action plan is to be cognizant of my strengths and weaknesses within the context of my professional and personal life allowing for me to constructively work towards strengthening my weaknesses. The deeper subset to the challenge will require that truth and sincerity of my experiences both professionally and personally be disclosed. The sense of urgency is present and current, I have personally faced my difficult experiences over the past years and the strengths that brought me through have at times been undermined by the lack of development of my weakness. The mere recognition of a weakness does not resolve or strengthen the characteristic. Metaphorically speaking you could compare this recognition of a weakness to “knowing you need to change the oil on your car, it does not cause any immediate harm and the performance may still be intact, but time will eventually cause failure.” The time has come and is upon me, I am prepared to recognize and understand the very immediate need to adjust and work towards development professionally and personally. The challenge of truthful evaluation of my leadership strengths and development of weakness will bring a balance to my personal leadership and social interactions, which will further advance my professional and personal life, allowing me to return to the value that has driven my success: service to self above others (Rotary International). Over time, I have come to realize who I, Shawn Pierre, truly am. For so long I tried to be like the type of people with whom I “hung around” with. I have finally come to realize what my own values and beliefs are-not my parents and not my friends. I have also come to realize not everyone is or will ever be like me. There may be similarities, but no…...

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