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Philosophy and Personal Profile: A Reflective Statement on My Philosophy of Nursing

Since the beginning of time, men and women have engaged in the search for reality and

truth and this search is called philosophy. Nursing philosophy examines the relationship

between truth and ideals of nursing. Nursing philosophy can be individual or it can be

global according to (Edwards, S.D 1997). Individual philosophies belong specifically to

the nurses and reflect the nurse’s values, logic, morals and ethics and global philosophy is

dynamic and changes over time and with circumstances. It is influenced by the era and

the environment in which it is practiced. When philosophy is applied in health it becomes

both individual and personal.

Health is a dynamic state in which the individual is constantly adapting to

changes in the internal and external environment. “A state of health is viewed as a point

existing on a continuum from wellness to illness” says (June K.F (1997). The meaning of

health varies with the perception of each human being. The purpose of the healthcare

delivery system is to assist individuals in achieving their optimal wellness, a state of

healing by utilizing a multidisciplinary approach that is sensitive to both environmental

resources and constraints. Now this is where nursing comes in the forefront of wellness

approach, we have to see individuals and treat them with holistic approach in other to

achieve the state of wellbeing.

As a child growing up in a small town in Africa, I saw my mother’s friend died

from childbearing not because their was no medication or proper equipments to treat her

but because of poor nursing and lack of good training on the use of aseptic technique.

This simple technique caused someone her life, from that day I decided to become a

nurse not just…...

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...Nursing philosophy “identifies what is believed to be the basic or central phenomena of the discipline, relates nursing to a particular world view, and provides some information on how one may come to learn about the world”. (p. 13, Salsberry, 2008). My personal philosophy of nursing evolved over the years and includes my observations, beliefs, thoughts, and practices. The purpose of this paper is to discuss my personal philosophy of nursing and the personal and professional experiences that have contributed to the development of my view of nursing. Nineteen ninety-four was a significant year for me; it was the year I began volunteering at the local children's hospital. I read books to children from ages four to fourteen which brought a smile to their face and to mine. Not only did I want to make these kids feel better, but I also wanted them to see that their illness, whether short term or long term, did not define who they are or what they could become. So, I used my skills as an educator to mentor them as they continued their schoolwork while they were in the hospital. Bringing together education and healing was a life-changing experience that made me realize that nursing is my true calling. Traditionally, nurses were viewed as caregivers. In today’s world, image of nursing profession changes as nurses play many other roles such as patient’s advocates, educators, managers, team members, facilitators, and experts. (Zerwekh, 2006). I believe that caring is a foundation of...

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