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EDU 215: Education Foundation and Framework

My own educational philosophy of teaching will be making sure my student receives knowledge. I want to bring learning to them in ways that they understand and also eager to learn more. What is philosophy a systematic body of thought that represent a worldview, of which education is a part, see beyond the moment, and dedicate inquiry into idea, tradition, and ways of thinking. I will discuss the four components of philosophy: metaphysis, epistemology, axiology, and logic An example of how metaphysis will appear in my classroom is discipline. No one will be treated disrespectfully and everyone must get alone, at least while in my classroom. Due unto others as you would have them do unto you. Jesus was bear on the cross for us, he was a good man. He was beaten and disrespected by bad people who didn’t like him because he stands for something good. In the bible it was stress that you should discipline your child: spare the rod spoils the child you do mischievous things you get punish. So being kind in the classroom will help bring off good vibes and learning can continue in the classroom. What is epistemology is the way we come to know truth by choice. An example of how epistemology will appear in my classroom is how I will be educating my students. I will have them do a lot of reading because that builds knowledge and understanding. This will also help them with their comprehension skills that will help them become better students. Every child has his or her own way of learning and I will pay close attention to my students to know how to help them. Some learn by hearing, doing, seeing and being a teacher that cares. I will give my students the chance to explore different activities so I can find their strengths and weakness An…...

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