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ECE311: Early Childhood Curriculum & Methods (BDH1414A)
Instructor: Latisha Shipley
May 5,2014

What and how we teach the children in our classroom is very important. In some cases small children whom are entering kindergarten or a school at a young age seem to be scared. They don't understand the change and for them sometimes it could be a frightening thing. Education may seem complex to small children but it is very important for each of them to succeed in anything they do. As teachers we have to be ready to face the fact that some children will be less forthcoming than others. Example children who are an only child may at times be more scared than other's because they may not have the experience that children who have siblings have. Where the sibling comes home from school and shares the exciting new things that they did at school. As teachers we have been there, we were too their age and felt the same excitement and fear that they feel. Thus we remember that this was our first experience at school and it is also so for these young children. The curriculum I have chosen is for the age group of pre-kindergarteners. Preschool education is very important because well as we know it is our very first step into the next twelve years of school education. At such a young age children look up to their parents and teachers to help guide them by giving them information that will be helpful in their future education experiences. These kids are expecting this information so it will help them succeed. It is our job as teachers to make sure that these students are understanding the information we are feeding them in science, math, fine arts, and reading. I have many ideas in mind for my teaching in my preschool class. I will incorporate at least two examples of activities that I would practice with the class that coincide with the teaching philosophies. Many of…...

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