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1-a) what is the product that the Phillies market?
Philadelphia Phillies markets a major league baseball team that promises the game’s fans an exciting, fun day at the new stadium. The Phillies market product is a memorable summer day where friends, kids, coworkers, and family members can get together, and bond while watching their favorite game, and eating hotdogs.
b) What products are the Phillies careful not to market?
The Phillies are careful not to market a winning game at all times. They can’t promise fans they will win every game.
2- How does the “quality” dimension in marketing the Philadelphia Phillies differ from that in marketing a consumer product such as a breakfast cereal?
For a start there is a difference in the nature of the product itself, cereal companies market a product, while game franchises market a service, the first one being clear cut tangible, while the second one is intangible. Fans can’t know for sure how the game would turn out before purchasing tickets, and watching the game all the way to the end. Another different aspect is the fact that with cereals, consumers expect to be guaranteed a consistency in the quality of the product, in other words the cereals are expected to sustain the same quality or get better, and that is something game promoters can’t guarantee, it is more likely that the team performance will be different from the previous game, it could be better, it could be worse.
3-In terms of social network marketing strategy (a) what are the likely characteristics of the Phillies fans and (b) what should the Phillies' Facebook fan page contain?
a) The Phillies fans are mostly hardcore fans who want to follow their favorite players and access information and updates on games, scores, events, and schedules at any given time. They are probably young fans who are more knowledgeable in using the internet, and social media.…...

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