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Monica Motes Personality Reflections PSY/250 Rebel Smith 2/26/2011

Personality Reflections I would define personality to be… It makes a person unique in their own way. The personality is what makes a person grow into who they are and who they will become. It is basically just a lot of features that make a person do and act the way they do. It makes them who they are. For example; what type of attitude they have towards something. The way they prefer to do something. The way they speak. And the way the person presents themselves to others. What things that they like to do and how they decide to get it done. Some personality features that would describe me would probably be that I am very shy, and I am just a laid back. I try to do as much as I can to succeed my goals. I am a hard working person. I would prefer to work alone than with a lot of people. I love to bake cakes and decorate them. I am a mom. I have two wonderful little boys. They have a lot to do with the way that I have become; I think that this one would also be a personality trait. It is another trait that has shaped me into the person that I have become.

There are a lot of feature that would describe me personally that are both positive and negative. Some of the negative things would be I hate cleaning and it takes me a long time to get my house clean. I can be very selfish when I get stressed out or when I get mad. There are many more negative ways to describe me but, I prefer to leave them out. This is just some of the features that make me who I am. All these feature help to shape my personality and make me a very unique person. I do not think I would be the same person if the features were different. Some key concepts that I believe would explain my personality would probably be unconscious aspects and ego forces. Condition and shaped. I chose these…...

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...HUM/114 07/05/2012 Personal Reflection Paper Justin Randall What is critical thinking? In this assignment I will discuss what critical thinking is and how I have developed as a person with my critical thinking skills. I will also reevaluate my skills and give a formal and concise reason behind why I decided to change my level of critical thinking. 1. What is critical thinking? a. Critical thinking is the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action. 2. What are the three most significant things that you learned about critical thinking during this course? The three most significant things I have learned about critical thinking are as follows: b. Clarify Your Thinking i. Be on the look-out for vague, fuzzy, formless, blurred thinking. Try to figure out the real meaning of what people are saying. Look on the surface. Look beneath the surface. Try to figure out the real meaning of important news stories. Explain your understanding of an issue to someone else to help clarify it in your own mind. Practice summarizing in your own words what others say. Then ask them if you understood them correctly. You should neither agree nor disagree with what anyone says until you (clearly) understand them. c. Stick to......

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