Personal Training Paper

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Personal Training Paper

Daniel T. O’Grady

HPE 170

October 14, 2013

In order to properly guide myself in the right direction to a personal weight loss goal, it is important that I critiqued the physical activity I was performing before I tried to take on this program. Essentially, I was a hard worker. Though not considered a “gym rat” by any means, I work in a high volume restaurant that requires me to be on my feet for most of the day. Now, even though this does not have to be considered a daily work out ritual, doing so for nine hours at a time, five days per week can be just as tedious as a cardio workout. Once I realized I would want to better my physical fitness, I began researching ideas that could help me to do so. Eating right of course is the first thing to a better and healthier body. Anyone will tell you, you can go to the gym countless hours per week, but if you are putting garbage in your body, it isn’t necessarily going to make a huge difference. I have tried fad diets and exercising, and yes, they did work for certain periods of time, but in the end the weight came back. Jogging in the summer and spring turned into waiting through the fall and the winter, and during that time we tend to put pounds on rather then shed them. Holidays and parties and the cold weather would all relate to eating more and exercising less. When I would work, I would use that as my excuse to say I was getting enough physical activity. Being on the schedule that I had, I would then come home and eat very late at night, and go to bed shortly thereafter. This is the worst thing someone could possibly do. After starting this class, a daily idea was to wake up each morning and do a physical type of activity that can make you wake up and feel good about going about your day. A bike ride, a jog, a walk, or even treadmill at home could be incorporated…...

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