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Personal Perspective Paper

Christopher M. Labee


February 12, 2011
Professor: Luis Ramos

INTRODUCTION: I am writing this paper from my own personal experience in dealing with decision making models in the workplace. In this paper I will discuss methods on how to effectively use decision making models for decision making in the workplace. From my personal experience with decision making models in the workplace I will discuss my experience from a managers’ standpoint on how to use decision making models.

In the workplace there are many different types of decision making models that managers can use. In most cases the decision making models will depend on the situation or problem that arises. When I was employed as an Assistant Store Manager at Rite Aid I had to make decisions on a daily basis. The type of decision making model that I am most familiar with is the rational decision making model. Throughout my career with Rite Aid I used this model on a consistent basis. One of the main reasons why I used a rational decision making model is because it provided the best results relating to decisions that I had to make. “According to (Chris Blake, The Art Of Decisions,2010) “Being more aware of the way we perceive and judge risk in an uncertain business world can help us make better decisions.

How The Rational Decision Making Model Helped Me To Make Decisions In The Workplace: From the rational decision making model that I used in the workplace I was able to way out the options by being able to define the situation of the decisions that I had to make. Through this model I was also able to consider all possible solutions relating to decision making. Sometimes making decisions can be very difficult because, the decisions that we may have to make may not only affect us individually but also the people around us as…...

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