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Patient Satisfaction an External Influence
Walden University

Patient Satisfaction is an external Influence that impacts every medical Institution. It allows for Institution to gain knowledge and awareness in real time from patient evaluations. These surveys are publically reported for future patient knowledge. Health Care Administrators have a very significant role in understanding their patient’s point of view. Patient Satisfaction is a goal for every Administrator to obtain for future growth and development in the institution they manage.


Patient Satisfaction an External Influence
Patient Satisfaction is a key component and important in every health care environment. No, the patient is not always right. However, satisfying your patient is essential. Medical institutions provide a service, and this is not just any service. These are services that patients pay for and demand a certain level of care to be rendered. Some patients pay out of pocket or thorough a form of insurance: HMO, PPO, MCO, Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, etc… (Shi and Singh, 2012). No matter the form of payment an Administrators goal and responsibility is to assure that patients are satisfied from every aspect and level of care delivered.
Nancy Stanley, Nurse Manager of the John Hopkins Hospital (JHH), Medical Surgical Pediatrics unit allowed for me to interview her and asked questions as it pertain to specifically her unit and Patient Satisfaction surveys: Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) and Press Ganey (PG). Nancy has over 25 years at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and eight years as a Nurse Manager at JHH. “HCAPHS and Press Ganey surveys are welcomed on my unit” (N. Stanley, July 25, 2014).
Nancy gave very positive insight in regards to patient satisfaction that many…...

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