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Explain how national initiative promote anti-discriminatory practice

What is national initiative?
National initiatives are key legislations that is laws with the aim to protect people within the society to ensure that they are able to live a normal life without being discriminated upon.

Human Rights Act 1998
The Human Right Act was made to defend your rights in the UK courts and to ensure that the public organisations (government, police and local council) treat everyone with fairness, equally, respect and dignity. Even though the Act started up in 1998 but it came into the UK in October 2000. The aim of the Act is to protect every resident within England or Wales regardless of whether or not they are part of the British citizen or foreign national. Additionally, to ensure there is further effect within the UK law to the rights to hold inside in the conversion for the safeguard of human rights and fundamental freedom. With this Act in place it allows users of a health and social care profession to not get discriminated upon and for everyone to have the opportunity to be able to use services. Furthermore, it allows everyone to be able to use A&E which is an Accident and Emergency service for free regardless of who they are.

Equality Act 2010
The whole Equality Act is brought together by 116 single different fragments of legislations within one Act. The Act offers a legal framework to protect the rights of an individual and improve equality of opportunity for everyone. This Act protects individuals from being treated unfair and to create a fairer and more equal society. The Equality Act 2010 protects characteristics of any individuals. One of the Acts protected age which protect employees regardless their age, this allows employers to justify straight discrimination. There are many other important characteristics such as disability, gender…...

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