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Parental Involvement

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Parental Involvement Interview
Bridgette W. Darden
Grand Canyon University: SPE 522
February 9, 2011

Parental Involvement Interview I interviewed Mr. Ken Robinson. Ken is the parent of a student in the self-contained class to which I am assigned as a substitute paraprofessional. Mr. Robinson is a divorced, single parent. He is employed outside of the home as a civil engineer. Originally from Zionsville, Indiana, his family relocated to Stone Mountain, Georgia about three years ago. Their immediate family consists of himself, three sons and their paternal grandmother. Mr. Robinson’s youngest son was diagnosed as Severely Autistic with a language and speech impairment at the age of three. This paper describes an interview with Ken Robinson and will summarize views of his parental involvement in regards to a special needs child, his opinions on the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), involvement in his child’s education, the schools role in the educational process, parental rights and building a reliable alliance with his teacher/school will be discussed. Mr. Robinson stated that the No Child Left Behind Act did affect his relationship with the teachers, because although Kevin is a special needs student, he is held accountable for standardized testing equivalency under a different set of standards and testing than the general education students called the Georgia Alternative Assessment (GAA). The GAA is a portfolio of special needs students completed work. It is used to capture student’s achievements, as related to the education plan and goals set forth for the student. Before NCLB the students work was not collected in this manner. Mr. Robinson is very active in his son’s education. Mr. Robinson noticed that Kevin was not talking by the age of two. Initially, Kevin did not socialize much with his two siblings,…...

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