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Pack-A-Card Gift Card Packaging Company
Marriott School Of Management 2008

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Pack-A-Card GIFT CARD PACKAGING COMPANY "The possible benefits make this proposal very tempting," mused Mr. Craig Hunt, "but how would it affect the other areas of the business?" In a recent planning meeting held in July 2008, production manager, Ms. Ching, proposed that Pack-A-Card (PAC) Gift Card Packaging Company adopt a level-production strategy for the next year. PAC's sales were seasonal and the company, therefore, produced on a seasonal basis. By switching to level production, Ms. Ching hoped that production costs could be minimized. Pack-A-Card Gift Card Packaging Company designed and manufactured a variety of gift card packages with tin boxes for large retailers and department stores. Each year PAC produced from 15 to 20 formats of gift tin boxes in a broad range of designs. Dollar sales of a particular design varied by as much as 25 to 35% from year to year depending on fashion trends, color preferences, and consumer spending patterns during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday season. The manufacture of gift card packaging was a highly competitive business. The manufacturing process was relatively simple and capital requirements were not large. Because design, price, and functionality were so important to consumers, competitive pressures on smaller firms were intensified by the existence of a number of large international manufacturers. These large manufacturers had ample financial resources to employ in elaborate product development, supplier support, and advertising programs. However, since the concept of packaging a “gift card” is relatively new PAC, being one of the few early movers in this industry, was able to obtain a few design and utility patents related to packaging gift cards in tin boxes. Holding these patents gave PAC an advantage that eliminated some of…...

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