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Osteoporosis is a disease which where the bones are weak, brittle and is become dangerous for fracture. The results can be brutal because osteoporosis can lead to pain, surgery, disability or even death. Having an osteoporosis can reduce their ability of lead to active lives. Osteoporosis is always referred as “silent disease” because you would not know until your bone is actually fracture or break. Hip, spine and wrist have a higher chance of fracture. Bones are living tissues and old bone cells are always replaced with new bones. There is a kind of special cell where it can build up new bone and another special kind of cells where it break down old bones. The cells that build new bones are call osteoblasts and the cells where it breaks down the old bone are call osteoclasts. This cycle will stop as a person get older and because the old bones did not got replace this could lead to thinning of bone and result of fracture.

Osteoporotic fracture often hidden in a person for years and even so they may even escape some of diagnosis because they do not have any symptoms before fracture. The symptom of osteoporosis fracture is usually associated with pain; the location of pain depends on the location of fracture. But there are some specific symptoms according to different of bone fracture.
Fractures in the vertebra are like a circular pain that radiates from the back to side of the body. The intensity of pain will reduce as it moves away from the center of the pain. A vertebra fracture can be lead to height loss, curving of vertebra.
Hip fracture can lead to pain, surgery and disability. Hip fracture is one of the osteoporotic fractures that are healing slowly or poorly due to the poor healing of the bone.

Causes * Genetically runs in a family * Not consuming enough of calcium…...

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