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Organization Behavior

Place yourself in Barry's shoes and answer the following: What would I have done as Barry in this situation? Include everything that you believe impacts the situation.
After watching the role play did you change your thoughts about how you would approach the situation? Is there any other information you would like to have had - and if so - explain the significance of the information.

I would have reacted as Barry in the same situation. I mean, I would have spoken with him or attempted to suggest him implicitly to do not reenact that on the workplace. In case of incomprehension, I would have caught him in my office in order to discuss with him, what kind of problems could create this distraction. I would have been calm and tried to give some examples of bad effects that it could have on the others employees. In this way, he could realize in what it could be disturbing. The most difficult seemed to be, how and which words adopted in this case and this person. Because how it had been specified in the text, Barry had got this job four months ago. So, he couldn’t be aware of each personality of the staff. Maybe, Barry was too direct when he tried to run him off the job. Because the others were witnesses of this situation and this produced an unpleasant effect on Andy (like humiliation). Resentful, he would have been aggressive during the meeting.
After watching the role play, I realized the different situations that we could meet in the same case and the importance to be listening to the others in order to work in the best environmental workplace and avoid any kind of…...

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