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THERE’S NO BETTER WAY TO EXPLORE A CITY than wandering its streets and alleys, from terracotta-hued palaces, picturesque squares, and baroque architectural showstoppers in Rome, to the modern glass towers, 19th-century limestone man­ ions, and secret, pocket-size parks of s Manhattan. We’ve gathered 10 fabulous walks in our favorite cities in the United States and
Europe, so put on your comfy shoes and hit the streets.

1/4 mile
W. Wacker Drive

S. Water Street

Lake Street
Clark St.

James R. Thompson Center




The Great Fire of 1871 could have been the death of Chicago, but instead it proved to be a grand rebirth, as renowned architects rebuilt the city’s skyline. Today it’s Chicago’s most aweinspiring attribute. Start with the Willis
Tower, a 1,454-foot giant that was the world’s tallest building when completed in 1973. Next, head to South LaSalle
St. and the Rookery Building. This
12-story stunner, completed in 1888


Jackson Blvd.




Van Buren Street


224 S. Michigan

Auditorium Theatre
LaSalle St.

Harrison St.

in 1889 that still hosts performances.
Double back to Jackson and Dearborn to see the geometric, 4.6-acre Federal
Center, completed in the early 1970s by Mies van der Rohe. Don’t miss the graceful slopes of Chase Tower, built in 1969 as the First National Bank of Chicago Building. The Sullivan
Center, at State and Madison streets, has elaborate cast-iron ornamentation over its entryway and a vertical, threepart “Chicago Window.” The Reliance
Building (now the Hotel Burnham) on

Van Buren

Columbus Drive

2 to 4 hours, depending on stops

Adams Street


Congress Pkwy.



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