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I was very impressed on how fast and efficient it was to locate information just by using keywords whether it was an article in a magazine, newspaper, and/or journal. I was particularly interested when we typed in “ Microsoft” and you could find out anything you wanted about company; history, financial standing, and new products. I could not believe all the information it supplied with a touch of a button.
In the traditional setting it would of took a lot longer to find the information and may have had to go through many different sources to obtain all the information that was on that particular web site. Also in the traditional setting if you needed assistance from the librarian you might have to wait your turn to speak to her or him and could direct to other resources. But online all you have to do is fill in the appropriate information exactly what you are looking for and submit it. It does state that it could take up to 48 hours to get an answer but according to the web site it has taken no hours for an immediate response.
When doing research online you also have what they call a “wild card” which can help you to narrow your search. I remember when I was in college back in the 1980’s and had to spend a lot of time in the library and had to stop because it was time to pick up the kids and go fix supper and some of the information or resource could not leave the library. Online you can save it to favorites and come back to it and while you are cooking supper you can still be doing your homework and never leave the house.
My personal approach to conducting an academic web search has got me thing about is an Associates, Bachelor, or Master Degree as I can now broaden my career in accounting. Now through the “Research Tutorial” I can find out what qualifications I need to be employed in the accounting department of major…...

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