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In our report we mainly focus on the implementation of labor code 2006 in Bangladesh rmg sector. We have done this report by survey six garments which are in same criteria. Now in Bangladesh garment sector has been developing day by day. Our rmg sector is showing their potentiality to increase the demand of Bangladeshi garments. In this sector labor are playing a very important role to get success. So by doing this report we try to know that are labor are satisfy with their wages or their benefits which they are getting from their employer and also how employer are implementing the Bangladesh labor code 2006 in their garments. Base on our topic we have been chose six garments to do survey and try to know their condition about the implementation of labor code 2006. The important thing is to do the report is to know the situation of Bangladeshi garments labor condition. Are they getting the facilities which they have to get according to the labor code 2006? We do interview to the employee as well as the employer we make some important questioner base on the labor code 2006 and we do open ended question our respected course instructor help us to do the questioner. In our group we are 5 group members and we went to the garments to take interview of the employee and the employer. According to the labor code 2006 the minimum wages for the employee has to be 3000tk per month from our survey we find that those six garments follow this role and they also follow other labor code like the wages and benefits, maternity leave, sick/annual leave, working hour, overtime hour, safety issues, we also find that there is no sexual harassment to the female worker in the garments. It is very much important to follow the labor code to get the employ satisfaction and to get the best result from the employee which…...

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