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Exploring online consumer Behaviors

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Internet usage has skyrocketed in the past few decades, along with this increase comes the increase in internet shopping by consumers. This research examines the behaviors, motivations, and attitudes of this new form of consumer entity. Online consumer behavior has been studied for over 20 years and will undoubtedly be the source of many future researches as internet consumerism expands. This paper will examine the following research questions: (1) How do factors previously researched affect the online purchasing behavior of consumers and (2) what are the significant consumer behaviors both positive and negative that affect internet consumerism? By identifying these factors and variables, new strategies can be formulated and both consumer and supplier can gain knowledge and understanding of behaviors which exist. The purpose of this research paper is to integrate the varied research information together and draw coherent linkages to how consumer thoughts, attitudes and motivational behavior affect online buying, thus building a broader framework of analysis in which to build upon.


The Internet has been accessible to the public for over twenty years. It came upon the scene and has exploded in popularity like few things have ever done in the history of the world. Since the introduction of the World Wide Web, the interest in the value of commerce and individuals has been growing. Skeptical at first, online consumerism has steadily increased and along with it has come some positive and negative behaviors. The purpose of…...

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