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Instructor Course
Student Guide



Instructor and Classroom Preparation


Classroom Management


Course Introduction




Introduction to Lesson Planning


Anticipatory Set


Learning Objectives
Writing Questions and Objectives Using
Bloom’s Taxonomy


Input and Modeling
Implications of Short-Term Memory Research
Implications of Long-Term Memory Research
Presentation Skills: Verbal, Vocal, Visual
Presentation Skills: Questioning


Guided Practice
Cooperative Learning
Learning Styles/Modalities: Multiple Intelligences


Independent Practice
Differentiated Instruction












Course Overview

Lesson Planning

Class Schedule
• Start Time
• Lunch
• Dismissal
• Breaks
Class Agenda: what topics are taught on what days

Anticipatory Set
Input and Modeling
Check for Understanding
Guided Practice
Independent Practice

(Sousa, 2011)
The instructor is given what to teach, and he/she chooses how to teach it.
We intend not to overwhelm students with information, and we will learn why in later lessons on memory.


Reliable Sources

Quick reference guides
Training manuals
Manufacturer’s website or customer service
Coworkers, other Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Instructor Notes


4 or less main points (McArdle, 1993); 5-9 chunks or individual pieces of information (Woolfolk, 2001; M. L. Tate, personal communication, 2007)
Cues rather than whole sentences (McArdle, 1993)
Notes on slideshow presentation or index cards
Answers to questions students will…...

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