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Unit 2 Lab Procedure ***IMPORTANT: Read the lab procedure completely before beginning. Reading for Next Week Chapter 11 and 12 in Practical Guide to Red Hat Linux Exercise 1: Virtual Library research Search and explore the ITT Tech Virtual Library for resources on bash. Use the following keywords and phrases to help you locate appropriate resources: * bash scripts * bash history * the bourne shell * bourne again shell * commands in Linux

Required Resources
Access to the Internet
Access to ITT Tech Virtual Library
Submission Requirements * Students bring to class the following: * one printed copy of one pertinent resource found through the ITT Tech Virtual Library * one printed copy of one pertinent resource found through the Internet * Students should be prepared to share and discuss one or two critical points from each resource with classmates. * After small group discussion, students will hand in the printed copies of resources for a pass/fail grade. (print an extra copy for yourself to take notes on and keep.) The resources must pertain to the given topic to receive a passing grade. * Note: If the resource shared is a full website or tutorial, you can just print the lead page that gives key information about the content of the resource.


Exercise 2: Accessing the man Pages 1. Start the primary system and log in as the regular none-privilege user 2. Read the man page on man.

[fred@localhost ~]$ man man Press Space or Page Down to page forward, Page Up to page backward, and q to quit.

3. Then read the man page for each of these commands: a. b. bash c. whoami d. pwd e. cd f. ls g.…...

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