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Ellery Corley
NT 1230
Unit 4. Exercise 1
User-Profile Scenario

From: Systems Administrator
To: Manager

I have reviewed your email inquiry and have the following recommendations.

1. Interns should not have the level of access that allows the changing of their workstations. Thus all interns will be combined into a group for restricted access. This group will be given standard access, not allowing for any changes to workstation unless authorized by System Administrator. This includes the changing of their password every 60 days. 2. Team leads need to have access to their files from any workstation. Thusly, all team leads will be assigned roaming user profiles. This will allow any team lead to access any work station at their convenience as long as the computer is on the network. This will also require team leads to lock or sign out of a work station when they are not using it. Due to the level of access and availability of said access, Team Lead passwords will be set to be changed every 30 days. 3. Since to Marketing Staff have dedicated work stations, they will be added to an ACL, and be designated user rights applicable to their needs. As System Admin, I do understand the need for access to applications, storage, the network, and the ability to change and customize as needed. Due to the level of access that the Marketing Staff will be assigned, they will be required to change their passwords every 30 days. They will be given a list of password protocols to follow when assigning their passwords. They will also be required to lock their work stations when not at their desks.
These system changes will take place by end of business today. Emails will be sent to all users affected by the changes outlining changes, protocols and requirements. Please direct any further questions or concerns directly to the System…...

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