Nt 2580 Project Part 1

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NT 2580 Intro to Info Security
Project part 1
December 8, 2015

Phoenix, AZ

Branch 1 Branch 2 Branch 3
Atlanta, GA Chicago, IL Cincinnati, OH
User Domain * Have employees sign confidential agreement * Introduce an AUP acceptable use policy * Have HR verify an employee’s identity with background checks * Conduct security awareness training * Enable content filtering and antivirus scanning * Restrict access to only info needed to perform job * Track and monitor abnormal behavior of employees
Workstation Domain * Implement workstation log on ids and password * HR must define proper access controls for workers based on jobs * IT security must then assign access rights to systems, apps, and data * IT director must ensure workstation conforms to policy * Implement second level test to verify a user’s right to gain access * Start periodic workstation domain vulnerability tests to find gaps * Define workstation application software vulnerability window policy * Use content filtering and antivirus scanning at internet entry and exit * Mandate annual security awareness training
LAN Domain * Setup of user LAN accounts with logon ID and password access controls * Make sure wiring closets, data centers , and computer rooms are secure * Define strict access control policies * Implement second level identity check * Define a strict software vulnerability window policy * Use WLAN network keys that require a password for wireless access * Implement encryption between workstation and WAP

LAN to WAN Domain * IP routers and ACLs * IP stateful firewalls * Demilitarized zone * Intrusion detection system * Intrusion prevention system * Proxy servers * Web content filter * Email content filter and quarantine system *…...

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