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Competition in the Golf Equipment Industry in 2009 Case.

Is this industry competitive? Why or why not?
Remember instructions: use the concepts discussed on the external environment, I do not want to see a summary of each force. State the important force that supports your answer.


All case assignments must follow a simple memorandum format with the following sections:

1. The paragraph, a short one, must contain a sentence must stating the response to the required topic. For example, if a recommendation is required, the sentence might start with “I recommend . . .” or “This is to recommend that . . .” If a question is given, the sentence must respond to the question directly. The paragraph should also contain a summary of the justification for the response. 2. The next paragraph or two should contain the justification for the response along with supporting data or information. The latter would be a reference to a concept in Strategic Management and should include facts and information in the case. Stick with information and data provided in the case, materials taken from other sources are not acceptable. 3. A concluding statement.

This should allow students to keep their case assignments to a one page limit. The purpose for imposing this format is to encourage students to focus on what is important and avoid unnecessary information.

Place name and date on the upper right hand corner.


Written Assignments must be submitted by the beginning of class. These must follow the required format above, be typed, printed in a font of a size similar to what is used in this document, with adequate margins, and written for a management audience.

It is expected that written assignments are the work of the student submitting the assignment. The…...

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