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According the newspaper of The Sun, the government of Singapore is set the new rules in the recruitment from August next year firms that want to hire foreign professionals must prove that they have tried to hire Singaporeans. New employment rules that could require firms here to explore more avenues to hire locals before foreigners are expected to be announced soon. Singapore till now does not have any laws to treat locals better than foreigners. Unbelievably, up till now, it is the only country in the world, where a foreigner can simply fly into the island, look up the papers for a job vacancy and get the job the very day, without any concern that there may be a hundred unemployed Singaporeans.

And unbelievably, it is the only country among the so-called developed world, not being sure if the island qualifies as a developed country, where there is without minimum wage laws of any kind and anyone can be paid any amount by any employer, take or leave it (therealsingapore, 2013). Besides that, it can be avoid the firm will cheat the employees in the salary after recruit. The firm must be fair to get reasonable salary to local labor or foreigner labor. In case, the government of Singapore will raise the minimum wages to $3300.

In order for this rule to have any meaning, the country should first have minimum wage laws. Without this, in Singapore any employer can advertise a job at any salary they want. Therefore if any employer wanted to circumvent this law, the easiest thing to do would be to advertise the job at a very low wage rate. In this way they can easily eliminate any Singaporeans, who has to live in Lee Kuan Yew's HDB flat and send his children to school and pay the high cost of living. After that all they have to do is to claim no Singaporean applied and the job immediately goes to the foreigner.

However, the government should carry out wage surveys…...

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