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Neville Brody
Neville Brody is one of the most influential graphic designers of the late 20th Century. His work in the 1980’s revolutionised the look of magazines, advertisements, album covers and packaging. He grew up in Southgate, North London and said that for as long as he can remember he wanted to ‘do art or painting’, consequently he studied Fine Art at Hornsey College of Art. However he began to feel that the Fine Art world was becoming elitist and that if he continued in this area his work would only find a limited audience, he thought,” Why can’t you take a painterly approach within the printed medium?” He wanted to communicate to as many people as possible, so in 1976, he began his degree course in Graphic Design at London College of Printing.

Neville brody has created a variety of different fonts in clouding FF Blur which is shown here->. This font blur creates a calm or modern environment due to its thin and thick edges and its blured slightly making it look modern.
The purpose of his work is design and typography (lettering) for the magazine ‘The Face.’ He is also known for his album cover designs for the record company, ‘Rough Trade’, and various poster designs.
In this piece of work that Neville has done for Nike it represents the company as the works are in different sizes and angles which makes it stand out and makes it bold.
For the word bounce the letters are on different levels which represents a bouncing…...

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