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Statement of Teaching Philosophy
Why do I teach? Teaching is my chosen calling, a calling I strive to undertake with love and imagination, and from my location as a relatively new teacher, I see no end to improvement, no arrival, no completion: I want to be that teacher who, even after decades in the classroom, still leaves each session asking how the next might be better, how to better engage and inspire this unique set of students.

In the classroom, I engage students with historical themes, using music, art, accounts, literature, economic theory, and strategic analysis. I am sensitive to the students’ backgrounds and goals in my lectures, aiming to connect with their personal experience. Among the academic disciplines, history offers a unique perspective on us and the world. Studying history can make students more active and responsible citizens.

Students are at the center of my lesson planning process. My first goal is to create an atmosphere that encourages participation and involvement. I am more interested in developing a student’s capacity to argue cogently, persuasively, and synthetically than in the particular content of his or her conclusions.

My philosophy as a teacher is to mold a learner from good into the best one. This philosophy is not an easy task because it needs a higher level of knowledge and skills to uplift the learning status of a student specially those who need a 100% focus on their learning strategies. As a teacher, it is our responsibility to make sure that our students will overcome all their difficulties in internalizing all the knowledge we’ve inculcated to them. We have to be open-minded also with all the needs of our students in different aspects not only mentally but also emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. Teachers play an important role in the development of the society because without them, out future will…...

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