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My Own Business

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Week 7 / Report 2…
My Own Business…”Yoga for Anyone”
Parkville University

This paper explores the process I took to decide what business to choose and marketing strategies of said business I want to start. I selected one in a fast-growing arena of health improvement; and I will achieve it by offering everything there is to know about Yoga. It addresses several aspects of a marketing plan from how I arrive at this possibility to applying the marketing mix in the Four P’s of product, price, promotion, and place. Finally, I describe a layout over viewing why my website will succeed throughout product life-cycle.

My Own Business: “Yoga for Anyone”
Deciding upon a business is not something I did not go into lightly or taken on a dare. I gave it much thought, would research heavily through both the use of secondary and primary research marketing methods, and then send through the rigorous trials and tribulations of product and / or service life cycle. Main thing I understood it is not as simple as choosing something I thought in terms of…if I have a passion for it, everyone should share in my passion, and it is the latest and greatest craze; therefore, I must “jump on the bandwagon” and have one as well. Although, both of these ideas have some credence in marketing, because I had to believe in what I did and be marketable, respectively, it is not as glib or easy as the aforementioned old adages imply. I took all of this into consideration when I chose a Yoga website as my new business venture.
Initially, I researched what was something that could offer with the greatest impact across several demographics, regardless of age, religion, gender, or income-bracket. This is where the health arena came into fruition, because everyone should do some type of exercise to stay in shape. Then, after secondary research into other websites similar to…...

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