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Contents 1. Introduction 2 1.1 Background 2 1.2 Purpose 2 1.2.1 Project 2 1.2.2 Report 3 1.3 Scope 3 1.4 Methodology 4 2 Literature Review 4 2.1 My SQL 4 2.2 Business Process Management 14 2.3 Dashboard 20 2.4 Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) 27 3 Problem Recognition 34 4 Feasible Study 35 4.1 Operational Feasibility 35 4.2 Economic Feasibility 35 4.3 Technical Feasibility 35 5 Analysis and User Requirements 36 6 Design 37 6.1 Website Design 37 6.2 Excel Design 37 7 Evaluation 38 7.1 Website 38 7.1.1 Website Strength 38 7.1.2 Website Weakness 38 7.2 Excel 39 7.2.1 Excel Strength 39 7.2.2 Excel Weakness 39 8 Recommendations 40 8.1 Recommendations for Website 40 8.2 Recommendations for Excel 40 9 Conclusion 41 10 Bibliography 42 11 Appendixs 44

1. Introduction

1.1 Background
This report was written to document the work done for the Major Project entitled to Kate, Jack, Han Wei and Yao Seng in collaboration with Bedok North Secondary School (BNSS). BNSS strives to develop their students holistically through quality programs within a nurturing environments. BNSS place emphasis on their student’s character and citizenship education, inculcating sound values and building good character in their students. It is BNSS vision for their students to become leaders for the future, who are creative lifelong learners, morally upright, caring and loyal.

Bedok North Secondary School decided to set up an I-café for normal technical students to run, in order to gain some working experience in retail. BNSS agreed to collaborate with us to create a more realistic retail working environment platform for the students. The users will be the staffs in charge of the I-café, current students and teachers in the school.

For this project we have been tasked to create a…...

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