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My Grandma

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What does my grandma say “YICUN, come over here, stop playing your game, it's time for eating.” My grandma was yelling. Under this situation, if I don't go to eat, she definitely would walk to me with a Chinese shovel and drag me to the dining table. This is my grandma, a normal housewife. She had taken care of me for 13 years since when I was born until she passed away when I was 13 years old. In our life, there should be a person who plays a most important role from your family, giving you love and building up your personality. For me, my grandma is that person. Without her, I cannot be who I am now. In China, a lot of family are really traditional, most of the kids would be raised by their grandparents, and my family is one of them. Because of the arduous business work for my parents, they didn't have time to take care of me, so that I grew up in my grandma's house. When I was young, everything I learned was from my grandma and her instructions and inspiration gave me an important benefit in the future of my life. Then, what does my grandma say? She told me to be honest. There is an interesting story that happened when I was 6. I lived in a big house with a huge garden. My grandma planted a persimmon tree in the backyard, so the happiest time for me every year when I eat persimmons. The story happened surrounded with this tree. In the summer of 2001, I went to the backyard for soccer and accidentally found out that there was a seldom ripen persimmon hanged from the tree. I was attracted by it, so that I used the ladder to climb and caught the only one persimmon. In the afternoon, my grandma asked me and my grandpa where the immature persimmon is. I couldnot tell her the truth. But she still found out the hidden persimmon in the my room. I thought she was going to be angry, but surprisingly, she was really calmed and told me:”…...

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