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From small beginnings in Wairau Road in 1982, Sir Stephen Tindall’s amazing entrepreneurial ability combined with his team’s commitment to “give anything a go” shows you indeed that “nothing is impossible”.
In 1982 New Zealand was quite a different country; imports of many products were restricted so consumers didn’t have much choice and the products that were available were often expensive. The government had imposed a wage and price freeze and getting a housing loan required a savings record for 3 years before you were able to borrow at 18% interest and more! Shopping in New Zealand meant going to stores like George Courts and Haywrights; big established stores in towns and cities. Stephen and his team took a different approach; The Warehouse was located in the suburbs, with basic sheds, bins and racks and concrete floors. The Warehouse sold things never seen before in NZ such as banana loungers, rattan blinds and soccer ball radios, in fact the first Warehouse stores were filled with things that other companies couldn’t sell! When sales took off Stephen and his team went looking for suppliers and goods from around the world that could provide real bargains for Kiwi shoppers. With a relentless focus on keeping costs down and reinvesting profits to ensure prices were low the company culture began to develop in a unique (and successful) manner.
The other way in which The Warehouse was different to its competitors related to the people who worked for it – from the very beginning they mattered. There were Friday night barbeques, monthly team meetings and a chance to socialize afterwards, the famous red t-shirts worn by all staff including managers made it clear that everyone was working together as one team. Even today the legendary Birthday Day Off and annual company Conference with partners are important cornerstones of The Warehouse’s approach to its…...

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...members feels as he/she is the owner of the firm and we do our work for firm success, we should not to stick it for earning livelihood. That is the most admiring change, which I am striving to bring about. The hardest job for me is to set myself as an example for my all fellows. All such exercises have made me able to actively contribute towards MSM program. MSM program will provide me an opportunity to further develop a broader understanding of management/leadership and enhancing my analytical skills. This program will also provide me with the hands-on study and learn from varied backgrounds. My prior leadership experience will provide me a feedback while attending MSM program. This will provide me an opportunity to share me experiences with others. This program will also enhance my leadership traits and enable me to learn and develop my capabilities as becoming successful leader. It will also improve my communication skills and gain more knowledge through the experiences of group members. These learning will help me to improve my attitude and behavior that would be helpful in my leadership career. I am fully confident that MSM program has the potential to make me able to achieve my challenge to bring an organizational culture of selflessness....

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