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Avoid or responded to negative media coverage of an organization, public relations specialists write press releases and advise executives on the strategies and options available to deal with public perception about an organization. Utilized news management techniques, common known as 'spin,' to present a positive public image of the organization. Press secretaries often serve as the official spokesperson for a government department or a politician.

MEMBERSHIPS * World Youth Alliance * National Youth Assembly * Human Rights Commission of Pakistan * International Association of Engineers * International Society for Environmental Information Sciences * International Safety Quality Environment Management Association


1 S.S.C. From Warsak model school Peshawar (2004-2006) 1 DAE (Civil) Diploma of an Associate Civil Engineering Peshawar From Board of Technical Education Peshawar (2008-2010) 3 B.A (INTERNATIONALRELATONS) From Peshawar University 4 MA(Final) INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS MAJOR COURSES IN MASTER OF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS

* History of International Relations * Public International Law * International Trade * Politics of International Economic Relations * Strategic Studies * Foreign Policies of Neighboring Countries * Pakistan in World Affairs


Year | Position | Company/Factory | Job Description | 01-01-2015 To 30-03-2016 | Media Coordinator to Executive Director | National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage Lok Virsa Islamabad | Assisting Executive Director in all aspects, Coordination with National and International Media, Event Management, Cultural presentations, Programming…...

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Mr. Engineer

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...history Date Location Company Title Job Description 1-1-2011 to now Joseph Tito Petrojet Contract Engineer 1- review and understand terms, conditions and obligations in the assigned contract 2- Identify risks and opportunities in the contract 3- Implement tendering/contracting policies and procedures. 4- Provide support to supply chain in handling contractual matters with main subcontractors 5- Act as contracts representative for specified projects. 6- Develop, implement, and manage contract correspondence system or change order mechanism 7- Negotiate contracts within delegated authority with both customers and suppliers 8- Advise project managers/staff with regard to contractual issues. 1-2-2009 to 31-12-2010 El Dokki Midlocalize Project Coordinator 1- Determines project responsibilities by identifying project phases and elements; assigning personnel to phases and elements. 2- Maintains project schedule by monitoring project progress; coordinating activities 3- Maintains project data base by writing computer programs; entering and backing up data. 4- Controls project costs by approving expenditures 15-7-2005 to 15-8-2005 El Ein El Sokhna way – El Katamia Powerwell services Trainee 15-7-2006 to 22-7-2006 El Maadi Khalda Company Trainee 15-7-2007 to 15-8-2007 6th October – The third industrial area Daewoo Factory Trainee 1-1-2010 to 30-3-2010 El-Dokki Mercedes Time keeper engineer (trainee) Date Location Company Title Job Description ...

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...He started his career with Foster Wheeler (FW) Iberia in Spain then he moved to management position after spending twelve years in technical work in power generation group. He works in US.A as expat to deal with global contract negotiations. Interview Questions and Discussions: 1. When you think about your career as a manager, certain events or episodes stand out in your mind--things that changed you in some way and have ultimately shaped you as an executive. Please choose three of these experiences that have had a lasting impact on you as a manager or executive in international work. When I meet with you, I will ask you about each of these "key events" in your career: What happened? What did you learn from it (for better or worse)? Mr. Augusto Bulte: I will start with my experience with Foster Wheeler Poland; we had to negotiate a contract with Poland Natural Gas (PLNG) Company, it is a national company that follows procedures dictated by polish law not like ExxonMobil or Shell. Dealing with national company in Poland means that you have to bid exactly what they ask for, there is no room for deviation or tolerance; we had to search for sub-contractor to complete the required scope of supply. Our first proposal has been rejected by PLNG Company; unfortunately eastern European companies have a lot of bureaucratic procedures in their projects, for example if they requested a crew of 10 workers and we provided a crew of 11 workers, the bid will be rejected because we......

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...April 2014 – took an attachment at Kisii Bottlers. Jan to March 2013 – internal attachment at DeKUT May 2011 to date Kimathi Innovative club. Aimed at improving in technology EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES  Actively involved in robotics at the university  Serves as Electrical Class 2011 Secretary  Served as a chairman in Mathematics and Science Club at Nyamagwa Boys High School  Participated in Science Congress till Provincials at Cardinal Otunga High School HOBBIES     Reading professional books Researching on inventions and science behind them Playing Soccer Socializing OBJECTIVES  To make the world a better place to live in through technology. REFEREES 1. Mr Morris (Electrical supervisor) Kisii Bottlers Ltd P.O BOX 3656, 40200 KISII Tel: 0737705275 2. Mr. Paul Waweru (attachment Co-ordinator) Chairman Department EEE and Computer Science P.O BOX 657, 10100, Nyeri. Tel 0724876363 3. Prof. Cira Maina Chairman Engineering Department Kimathi University College of Technology P.O BOX 657, 10100, Nyeri. ...

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Engineer specifications for an automated highway and car control system, and at the end of the year the DOT will award one recipient a $25-million contract to implement its design. To ensure the integrity of the competition and to protect each team’s intellectual property, the four DOT staff members assigned to this project are split equally between the grant recipients, each staff member providing help and input only to his or her team.  Laura, a licensed professional engineer, is the project manager for the DOT’s smart highway project; her responsibilities include overseeing the four staff members assigned to the grant recipients as well as making recommendations to the DOT commissioner regarding the final award. Her younger sister, Julie, has recently accepted an internship with outocar, a small start-up company that received one of the two state grants. The other grant recipient is guideme, a large, well-established design firm that is a major client of the sisters’ father, Henry, a semiretired lobbyist and engineer.  Laura and Julie are roommates, and during the yearlong project they frequently discuss their work. In one such conversation, Laura gives Julie a brief look at a computer program the guideme team has submitted for her review, a traffic flow modeling program intended for use with the guideme design system. In her comments, Laura makes it clear that she is impressed with the program’s functionality.  Although Julie’s team has been focusing exclusively on......

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Engineer NA No differences between products Mostly the are Not Transparency Highly trasperant low partiel transparency Very bad transparency Very low transparency Highly competitive % 7 % of the Market 70-80% 10-15 % 0.03 eg Weal Brand names Multinational Co. SERVICES ; Public Sectot Clothes Post Gold Food Electricity Monetary Real steal Perfict for customer Brand names Regulator is responsible for the price Bad and risky for the firm Key Factor High transparent lower transparent Firm is price taker Firm is price maker =B20 =C20 No barries =E13 TR MR MR = P = Firm Demand Curve TP ? TR is increasing ? MR is Constant At Constant rate Horizontal line without maximum = P ? Frim Demand Curve is Horizontal ? So, the Whole revenue is coming from production and sales ? the only determing factor is TP ( Volume) ? ped = 8 ? The price is given ? ie . Any slight in price no sales ? This is the only market with constant price Any slight in price get all the market ? ? TR > 0 ? TP ? ? ² TR = 0 ( ? TP ) ² ? So, the firm price is taken : you can not......

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