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Mozart Research Paper

Wolfgang A. Mozart was one of the greatest composer of his time, or maybe the greatest composer that ever existed. He began writing symphonies at a very young age and started to play publicly at the age of 6, which makes him a prodigy. Since, Mozart was considered a genius, many would think that he is very educated, well behaved, and with dignity. But, on the contrary, Mozart was a complicated/dirty little guy that had weird and unique fetishes. While researching about his fetishes, I found out that he had a thing with human feces. He wrote to his cousin that he wanted to discharge fecal matter on her face and watch it drip down her chin. I was surprised and disturbed that he had this type of behavior, because I always thought that he liked to elegantly sit down, drink wine, and enjoy a rich life. But, I had no idea about how messed up Mozart was. To include, I was only able to find out that Mozart rarely wore a wig and he only wore it to official occasions. During Mozart’s life time, he had being traveling to many European countries in which he was presented as a genius composer. He had also traveled to Paris with the purpose of looking for a better job, but he was discontent for how were things going. After a while, with a young age of 24-25, Mozart moved to Vienna in 1781(May 1-May 2). He moved to Vienna because, he noticed the good opportunities and good living that this place was offering to musicians. So, he started to develop as a freelancer pianist and as a teacher in Vienna. Consequently, he observed that his career was improving this time and he also got to established himself as a prestigious pianist and composer. But who sponsored Mozart’s musical career journey in Vienna? That person was Sigismund Christoph Graf von Schrattenbach; he was Mozart’s employer and supporter of that time. Unfortunately, Schrattenbach died…...

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