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Moving Forward

There were eight study modules and I completed all of the modules. They were quite easy. Time management was one that I could relate to because I need to learn how to use my time management skills. Copying with stress is another one; if you deal with stress you should be ok. Sometimes stress can take an effect on a person if there not careful, learning to deal stress is hard some times. Getting the proper exercise can help you to cope with stress and other issues you may have. Concentrating when you read and study is another Module. Having a good place to read and study make a difference in a students will being. If you don’t have a good place to study you can get distracted easily. Make sure you turn off your cell phone so that you want get distracted. Getting the most from your reading, Rehearsal strategies, Effective note taking, Study smarter, and Prepare for taking exams are the rest of the Modules.
Understanding these study skills can help you to make better grades and this will help you to become a better student. The modules were pretty easy to work through. I watched mostly all the video and skimmed threw the html Modules. I will keep this module in mind because I have a stressful life but I try to ignore the stress. I started on time management first, and then I went down the row until I finished them up. I had the same learning style, I used these skills to my advantage when I was working threw them. Using these study skills can help students to understand what they will need to take in order to complete there course. Using the library and the internet can help you to find good resources. I took the Georgia Work Ready Assessment, and it had some reliable sources. To help students to understand study skill in the work place. I will use the writing, math, reading, study skill, and the Pearson tutor Module in mind…...

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...Pay It Forward Wendy Easton March 12, 2012 PSY 490 Radha S. Shanker, Ph.D. Pay it Forward Philosophers for centuries have debated if a prosocial act regardless of the degree of generosity or unselfishness the act may appear on its surface exists genuinely altruistic (Kowalski & Westen, 2009). People who volunteer to work at the local food closet may do so based on a genuine desire to help other people or to assist in alleviating a personal anxiety. I believe altruism exists and will provide a personal example to support this belief. In addition, I will explain further altruism, how it relates to psychology, and to personal, professional, and social responsibilities, and its effect on the future of psychology. Personal Experience Summary My life as I perceive it exists busy; consequently, I reside perpetually behind schedule. However, I do make time to drop food and personal hygiene items off and visit with the managers of the local food bank the first Wednesday of every month. The individuals and families that enter the building are each gracious and grateful for the food and other products offered. I have never witnessed any person display embarrassment for the need for assistance, in fact, I had not thought about that emotion until this assignment. Each person I have encountered either dropping off or in need have resided authentically friendly and appreciative. Genuinely, I do not believe that any person possesses expectations. Consequently, I do......

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