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Motivating Employees

Motivating Employees BEH/225 07/26/2013 Gigi Sofia

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Can a managers motivate employees? Yes, but first what is motivation? Motivation is “Internal and external factors that stimulate desire and energy in people to be continually interested and committed to a job, role, pr subject, or to make an effort to attain a goal.” (Business Dictionary) We all know that we have to have motivation or desire in order to get work or extra work done. Motivation is important in the workplace. Motivation with values and rewards that are depicted by intrinsic elements and by extrinsic factors .
Intrinsic Motivation What is intrinsic motivation? It is motivation by rewards that are largely intangible. We all enjoy when our supervisors and bosses treat us with care and consideration or feeling that we are appreciated for the work that we do, and having a general enjoyment in our work, and this is linked to our feelings.
Extrinsic Motivation What is extrinsic motivation? It is motivation that is external or tangible rewards. Employees are motivated to perform and extrinsic motivations are fringe benefits. Employees are motivated by salaries and that they can provide for their family and what they can give their families. Security is extrinsic motivation, knowing that you need or want job security because of the hard work that you do, helps motivate employees. If you want a job promotion and you think you have a good chance, well the reasons you believe you have a good chance is because you work hard and go out of your way to stand out because of…...

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Motivating Employees

... Motivating Employees - Empowered and Appreciated Question 1: According to Maslow's hierarchy, which basic needs did Shank's old boss fail to meet? Explain why the needs have not been met. What could be done to meet these missing needs? (25 points) Answer: The levels of esteem, safety, belonging, and self actualization were all failures. She mentions being made to feel like simply a number which affects the sense of belonging and esteem. The belonging is something she really likes at Flight 001 because they feel friendly and like a family where her last job did not. The self actualization was the lack of motivation because the former boss said she could be replaced at anytime, she was just a number. The sense of safety is also crushed when one is told they could be replaced at anytime. Showing appreciation for work done, spending time with employees by management and not making comments about replacing people and lowering their value all would have made Amanda feel more motivated, safe, and allowed her to grow and become more confident. Question 2: Use the Expectancy Theory and/or the Equity Theory of motivation to explain how feeling underpaid might affect the work of a Flight 001 associate and what a manager can do to increase the employee's motivation. (25 points) Answer: Expectancy theory states that a person’s behavior is influenced by the expected outcomes. In this case, low pay would lead the person to feel like no matter what they did, their efforts would......

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Motivating Employees changing. Employees join organizations with different needs and expectations. Their values, beliefs, background, lifestyles, perceptions and attitudes are different. Not many organizations have understood these and not many HR experts are clear about the ways of motivating such diverse workforce. Nowadays employees have been hired; trained and remunerated they need to be motivated for better performance. People are motivated rewards something they can relate to and something they can believe in. Times have changed People wants more. Motivated employees are always looking for better ways to do a job. It is the responsibility of managers to make employees look for better ways of doing their jobs. Individuals differ not only in their ability to do but also in their will to do, or motivation Managers who are successful in motivating employees are often providing an environment in which appropriate goals are available for needs satisfaction. Retaining and motivating workers requires special attention and the responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of HR as well as managers and supervisors at all level. They have to create a work environment where people enjoy what they do, feel like they have a purpose and have pride in the mission of the organization. It requires more time, more skill, and managers who care about people. It takes true leadership. By giving employees special tasks, you make them feel more important. When your employees feel......

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... Motivating Employees in the Workplace Aimee Ecton South Texas College HRPO 2301 Human Resource Management Mr. Frank Gomez December 12, 2012 Motivation helps guide people towards a specific goal and pushes people to push their efforts until they reach that goal and relates that wide range of psychological processes. It has been determined that employees who are motivated produce higher and greater quantities, work harder, and stay with organizations longer. People desire different things and have different satisfaction levels so it is important for an organization to consider many things when trying to motivate their employees. First of all there is the need based theory of motivation. Needs are the physical and psychological requirements that must be met to ensure survival and well-being. Abraham Maslow derived a hierarchy of needs that suggests that people are motivated by these needs. Then there are process theories and these theories are based on how people become motivated. Finally, of course there are the rewards. All motivation leads towards some sort of reward and they consist of extrinsic and intrinsic rewards. Needs are the phsycological and or physical requirements that need to be met in order to ensure well-being and survival. A need that is capable of motivating behavior is called prepotent. Abraham Maslow came up with a hierarchy of needs that describes the fundamental theories of personal needs. He suggests that each need has to be satisfied a substantial......

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...1 Motivating Employees Case Study Camden Ripley MGT/312 13 April, 2015 Frank Fletcher 2 How does SAS motivate its employees? The company has a reputation as a pioneer when it comes to the perks it offers employees, but these perks are not given with a mentality of offer everything but the kitchen sink. There is careful thinking and planning behind the choice of perks the company offers. SAS conducts regular employee satisfaction surveys, and any future benefits and perks offered are planned in response to the results. The company wants to eliminate stressors and anything that dissatisfies from people’s lives. To keep employees healthy and fit, there are athletic fields; a full gym; a swimming pool; and tennis, basketball, and racquetball courts on campus. Plus, the company offers free on-site health care for employees, covers dependents at their fully staffed primary medical care center, and offers unlimited sick leave. The company understands that employees have a life and encourages employees to work reasonable hours and then go home to their families. In fact, a famous motto in the company is, “If you are working for more than 8 hours, you are just adding bugs.” (SAS website) SAS is truly one of the industry leaders in leveraging its treatment of people for continued business......

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...improve my communication, how to motivate my employees, and how to effectively manage conflict. Communication According to the interview on Difficult Conversations “All humans have the same built in limitation with regard to communication we can’t see ourselves.” Realizing this and placing myself in the other person’s situation will help me to connect with and relate to my employees better. From taking this class I learned that its important as a leader to establish an environment of trust. Some ways I can do this is by not showing favoritism towards employees, become more open about all of my concerns pertaining to their work ethic. Also other ways to develop better communications skills would be to take things into consideration when dealing with employees like honoring and respect their time and contributions , making them feel valuable and by showing praise and positive reinforcement when they do something good. Motivation Finding ways of motivating employees so that they can do their best can help maximize efforts and productivity. The 4R’s of Motivation Responsibilities, Relationships, Rewards, and Reasons explains in detail how these are motivators. “People are motivated when the responsibilities are meaningful and engage their abilities and values.” “People are motivated by good relationships with bosses collaborators and customers.” “Appreciation & recognition are the kinds of rewards that strengthen motivating relationships.” “Give your team......

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...Motivating Employees Motivated and well-trained employees who care about their work product are the keys to success in any business. An investment in employee motivation will pay divideds in terms of productivity and longevity of employment, which leads to more experienced workers who feel more successful. ( It is important to empower employees to be innovative and to solve problems creatively (Strauss). Everyone has something that motivates them. Primary school teachers know this. (Anderman & Midgely, 1999). Withholding recess from an anti-social child probably will not encourage her to do her homework. However, giving the same student one-on-one attention for good work might be the right motivation to keep her on the right track. Employers, too, must recognize that different people are motivated by different things. One employee might be motivated by praise while another is motivated by materialistic compensation. A smart manager will recognize the differences in motivation factors and will find ways to address them on multiple levels and using a wide variety of motivational tools. This requires spending the time to discover each worker's values, priorities and hopes for the future ( Extrinsic motivation can come in many forms, including the most basic, money. Salaries, bonuses and promotions aren't the only way to provide extrinsic motivation to employees. Non-cash rewards such as movie tickets, lottery tickets, company products, luncheons and time......

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...reviewed upon were unlike anything I have ever seen, and the pressure to meet your goals were high. The pay wasn’t that great, and there was no union. However, as much as the employees complained about the strict policies, they would get together after work and talk about how they bled “blue, orange and purple” - The Company’s colors. In viewing Pink’s video, it made me reflect on that time and made me realize that Fred Smith, CEO of FedEx who was a war veteran and Yale Graduate “got it.” He understood, he needed to keep his employees motivated because he wanted more of a comradery. It couldn’t be only about money (Alsop, 2004). His idea was simple, yet something that other companies are still learning to do. FedEx used Autonomy by delegating and giving employees the freedom to approach their jobs in a way that suited their personalities and skill sets. They included their employees in their policy and decision making. They incorporated what Pink discusses in his video (Dan Pink, 2010) and book (Daniel H. Pink Drive 2011). They understood that their business can flourish as long as the metrics were met and proper methods were covered. They had to ensure they found a way to work within the structure of the business to find a solution that worked for them. They used Mastery by paying attention to how employees were doing and feeling about a certain task. They did something interesting. They would develop quality action teams and instead of having a manager lead the......

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...Motivating Employees I believe that it is possible for a manager to motivate and employee. When it comes to intrinsic motivation it means that a person is going to be motivated when they do something and they see the benefit from it. For example, if you going out and go to the beach you are going to want to continue to do so just because it was something that you thought was fun and you got satisfaction out of it. So when it comes to a manager trying to motivate their employees this way it would work. If a person does something and gets a sense of satisfaction out of it then they are going to continue to do so. So if a manager has a system where if an employee does a certain thing that they may get a reward or something to that extent the employee is going to do so. They know that in the end there is a good outcome people tend to do so. Also with jobs with people who work with special needs or want to work with special needs I believe that there is a lot of intrinsic motivation with that. When helping someone do something that they cannot do themselves there is such a sense of happiness that employees are going to continue doing these things. When it comes to extrinsic motivation that is where a person does something because in the end they are rewarded somehow. For example, children might not like doing their chores but in the end they are going to do them because they know that in the end they are going to get rewards, whether it be money or being able to do something...

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...Motivation is the key to keeping employees interested in working hard and meeting daily demands from a company. In my point of view managers must be able to successfully motivate their employees in order to prevent high turnovers, satisfy employee needs, and keep an overall good reputation for the company. With a happy employee you will have happy customers as well. Motivational Strategies I believe that in order to properly motivate your employees a manager must first find out how and what different strategies will work for which employees. There are many ways to motivate workers, but I think there are more effective strategies that work on some workers than others. That being said I believe that managers must get on some sort of personal level with their workers in order to efficiently motivate them to work harder and reach the company’s goals. Money The most controversial idea of motivational strategies is money. I personally think that if an employee is not being paid what they believe to be suitable the will be unhappy regardless of any other motivator. Unless the need or want for money is being met, the employee will most likely feel unappreciated and unhappy regardless of any other motivation strategies that an employer might use. A personal example I would like to use is when I worked as a receptionist at Supercuts, I was held responsible for doing a lot of managerial work, without being compensated for it. I soon became overloaded with work, tired, and I was......

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