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Treayanna Smith
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February 10, 2011

Super Mom During the Anglo-Saxon period, heroes were seen as semi divine people. They were characterized by their strength, their courage and their loyalty. Today, a hero in our sense is usually associated with celebrity. A hero is awarded for the things they do for other people, as helping out for helping out the people of the world, like Rosa Park. A celebrity is a famous person that you’ll see on television or in songs, they represents positive and negative character traits. They are not rewarded for what they did, but they do get pay for what they do. The Anglo-Saxon period required men to be strong. Strength was tested in battle. These qualities certainly are not all that a hero should do, but these should out shine all others. Who better to represent these many heroic qualities than women, of faith, and courage? I admired Shawn Peterson for many years. A hero today must be strong. One must have the strength to fight over and over again. She must have faith in oneself to defeat her battles. A hero must have the patience to realize that things are worse before they get better. A hero must have determination in order to achieve goals and aspirations, in today’s society. Strength makes one stronger. Weakness is just pain leaving the body. Determination is necessary in society because a hero gets out of life what she puts in to it, and if she puts effort, she will be rewarded for her determination. A hero must be patient and secure to help others. If not patient then why help, can’t help people if oneself is going to rush the situation. Like it’s always says, “Patient is the key to contentment.”(Mohammed). My hero was born in October 1968 to Sylvia Murray and Samuel Peterson. She grew up in a big house downtown on Clemson. She attended Burke High School and graduated…...

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More Money More Problems

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