Mirror Worlds vs. Apple, Inc.

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Mirror Worlds versus Apple, Inc. Willful Infringement




This paper will discuss the lawsuit filed by Mirror Worlds LLC against Apple, Inc. for infringement of four patents owned by Mirror Worlds. Mirror Worlds’ patents cover intellectual property; namely that of digital and visual media and the consolidation and sorting thereof. The jury’s verdict in this case awarded Mirror Worlds a substantial amount of money for damages caused by the supposed willful infringement of Apple, Inc. In addition, Apple, Inc.’s arguments, namely involving the claim of willful infringement, evolving into a counterclaim against Mirror Worlds will also be discussed.

Keywords: intellectual property, patents, infringement, software, documents, counterclaim, willful infringement

MIRROR WORLDS VERSUS APPLE, INC. 3 Mirror Worlds versus Apple, Inc.

Willful Infringement In February of 2010, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, USPTO, granted Apple Inc. a design patent on Cover Flow, which covers the design and display of specific documents, but not the functionality. “A patent is a legal right, for a limited term, to exclude others from using, selling or making an invention or discovery.” (Kay, Millonzi and Passannante, 2001). Patent D609715 regards an “animated graphical user interface for a display screen or portion thereof. The process or period in which an image transitions to another forms no part of the claimed design.” (U.S. Patent D609715 description). Users of the upgraded iTunes, iPhone iPod Touch and iPad products will recognize this patented design when sorting through digital pictures of album covers in either system. However, a separate company by the name of Mirror Worlds, LLC filed an infringement lawsuit against Apple Inc. in March 2008 regarding three…...

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