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1. What does an advertiser want? Sales, leads, brand awareness? What are the best metrics for measuring these?
The primary role of an advertiser is to attract and increase a customer base so as to ultimately produce sales. Leads and brand awareness primarily serve as opportunities for product placement and/or services in front of potential consumer in an effort to influence their behavior. Generally, this influence sparks an interest in the product or service thus causing the consumer to view a webpage (awareness) or click on an advertisement (lead). A company will determine, based on its advertising budget, which method adds the most value to their business. Therefore, best metric for measuring sales would be to calculate the revenue generated from an advertising medium. Moreover, web analytics have developed software-tracking databases that capture the behavior of each visitor, making it easier for advertisers to simply calculate the rate of return from these advertising methods.
Most website advertisers employ cost-per-thousand-impression (CPM) or click-through pricing based model (CTR) to aid in determining generated sales. CPMs are determined by the number of visitors who actually saw an online advertisement through accessing a webpage, versus CTRs which account for visitors who actually clicked on the advertisement to learn more about an advertised product on a webpage. CTRs are calculated by taking the number of click-throughs and dividing it by the number of ad impressions delivered. Thus the best metric to measure brand awareness would be to quantify the number of impressions, while leads would be best measured by the number of click-throughs
2. What specific consumer behaviors determine whether or not a business model produces the results an advertiser wants?
As previously mentioned, the primary role of an advertiser is to attract a consumer base.…...

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