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Psychic Mediums
Psychic mediums are humans with what is perceived as paranormal power, giving them the supposed ability to view a portion of your future, past or present life. They rely on reading the person in front of them and the energy that is not viewable to others to give their visitors what they believe they have come for. Mediums use clairaudience to mentally hear (faculty of perceiving by sound), clairvoyance to see (faculty of perceiving things), claircognizance to know (psychic knowledge) and clairsentience to feel (psychic feelings only the medium feels) messages from spirits. Being discussed in this paper are many famous psychic mediums like Theresa Caputo, James Van Praagh and Craig Hamilton-Parker. Some may argue that physic mediums are frauds, while some may argue that their powers are entirely real. In my opinion, human ignorance can overpower reality.

As stated prior, many believe that physic mediums are deceptive, as they could easily give an inquirer a very brief message about their future or loved one that may apply to many. However, those who visit a medium and are given these general messages that apply may from then on have an unrelenting faith in their ability. Although there may be no scientific way to prove that their claim is accurate or not, if their declarations do not fall drastically short of the truth, the individual receiving their message would not feel the need to disprove them. How did they find these things out? Who told them? And why are they telling you? Therefore, people that make general enough claims cannot be proven right nor can they be proven wrong.

There are many reasons why people go visit mediums, the most prominent being to hear from their loved ones. They would like to hear how they are doing, how it is wherever they are, and if they have anything left to say. Another reason people go is to inquire as to what…...

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