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Media Company Financial Analysis

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“Media and Promotional products history in UK “

Globally promotional merchandise is famous for promoting brands, products, and corporate identity as the corporate companies in UK and Ireland have Promotional merchandise as their main trade of sales.

According to studies shown, promotional products became popular with calendars, apparel, balls, magnets, holders, shirts and candy which were dated back to George Washington.
UK and Ireland formally emerged in 1950’s to create the industry of promotional merchandise since previously there was no organized industry to cater the creation, distribution of promotional pens and accessories. Sooner later, the newest designs of pads and t-shirts became the hottest popular apparel that was imprinted in ink.

Published in 2008, the UK and Ireland promotional merchandise industry had an overall value of £850m and by Mid 2009 the market went down by £712m taking the UK’s worst ever recession grip. The top 10 promotional merchandise products published in July 2009, were promotional pens, bags, clothing, plastic items, USB memory sticks, mugs, leather items, polyurethane conference folders, and umbrellas.

However the market may be saturated with promotional items but it’s known as a great way to create loyalty among companies that would help…...

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