Mcdonald's Influences and Project Management

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McDonalds Influences and Project Management

In any organization there will be many influences that impact on the way that the firm operates and the way that they undertake operations and manage projects are influences by these factors. Looking at a large firm, such as McDonalds there are many internal and external factors.
McDonalds is operating in a complex environment with a number of different legal, social and economic influences. McDonalds has to comply with a range of local laws for each of the environments in which they are operating, these include labour laws, health and safety as well as retail and food safety laws. The firm has used the legal tools available to protect itself aggressively, but this has not always been effective, the well known McLibel in which the company perused a case against a very small amount of individuals and gained much negative publicity (Guttenplan, 1996). This type of publicity will always have a negative effect as t appears to disregard the personality of the individual person (Hooley et al, 2004). Even though McDonalds won the case they lost the fight for public opinion (Europe Intelligence Wire, 2004).
The presence of social and cultural influences on many business are likely to have a major impact, this represents the attitudes and perceptions that individuals may have of industries as a whole, as well as on potential individual companies, especially where there are Lord organization such as McDonald's. One of the major changes within the fast food environment has been the perception of fast food and the way that this is linked to health issues. The social cultural attitudes are influenced not only by only pollution of ideas, but in many countries there have been publicity campaigns as well as consumer programs seeking to raise awareness and encourage people to follow a healthy lifestyle. Perceptions regarding…...

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