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Unit 1


1- A: Good morning.

B: Good morning.

A: Where do you study?

B: I study at Phuong Dong University

A: In which department?

B: It’s English Department.

A: Oh, why do you want to choose English?

B: I think English plays an important role in our job in future and we can get more good chance for seeking job.

A: I agree with you.

2- A: Good morning.

B: Good morning .

A: I want to know what’s your star sign?

B: My star sign is Cancer with shape of a crab. And you?

A: My star sign is Cancer too.

B: Oh what a coincident!

Unit 2



A: Good morning.

B: Good morning

A: Did you watch the football match took place between MU & Arsenal last night?

B: Yes, I did. My friends and me went to a café to watch. Everyone was so crazy.

2- A: You’re so beautiful in a new dress. What a nice color!

B: Oh, thank you

Speaking topic:

1- A: Hey, How are you today?

B: Yeah, I’m fine. And you?

A: Me too. I changed to new room last month. It’s very nice. I love it.

B: Oh really? How’s it?

A: It’s small but nice decoration with pink wallpapers. I try to arrange things orderly.

B: Would you mind if I visit your room?

A: You’re welcome. Are you free this weekend?

B: Yes, I am. I’d love to.

Unit 3

Topic 2:

A: Last weekend, I took part in holding a birthday party for my close friend. Linh. She’s so happy about that.

B: What present did you give her?

A: I gave her a watch because I remembered that her watch broken down last month.

B: Oh, she must have liked it.


Everyone has their own little story of a 3 important-stage process, namely, childhood, youth and adulthood time and I’m not an exception. I was born in a happy family. My parents take great care of me. My childhood time was wonderful. After school, I played with my neighborhood child. We played interesting games like dolls, seek and hide together. When I grew up at 12, I paid more attention to studying. After school, I did my homework and studied hard to get good marks, which makes my parents proud and happy. Now, when I’m working as an office at foreign company I earn money by myself and become independent. My parents are so happy and proud of me a lot. I feel that until now I am the happiest girl in the world from my birthday.

Unit 4

Spk situations:

1- A: I want to order 1 coca and 1 French fried and 1 fried chicken please

B: Yes, sure. Please wait in 5 minutes.

5 minutes later.

B: Here you are.

A: Thank you

2- A: Hi. I want to buy a new hat for summer.

B: We have many kind of hat. What color do you like?

A: I like red but it seem to be very hot. Uhm. Maybe white is the best.

B: Ok. What about this hat? I think it will be match your face.

A: Let me try. Wow. You are right. I will buy it.

Speaking topics:

1- A: Good morning.

B: Good morning.

A: How often do you go shopping?

B: I often go shopping once a week. I often go to super market to buy clothes and something need for my daily life.

A: Oh, what about food and vegetable? Where do you buy it?

B: I usually buy them in a small market near my house. But normally it’s quite expensive.

A: Yes. I agree. What kind of market do you prefer?

B: I prefer super market because it’s very convenience and easy to buy with fixed price. Im not good at bargaining.

2- A: Good morning.

B: Good morning.

A: Is there any market near your house?

B: Yes, It’s Hop Nhat market.

A: How far is it?

B: It’s about 700 m far from my house.

A: Can you tell me some more information about this market?

B: Yes. There are many kinds of goods to be sold here, for example: foods, vegetables, fruits, household materials, ….

A: What about the price?

B: Oh, it’s reasonable and the seller is very friendly.

A: That’s sound good.

Unit 5


1- A: Good morning.

B: Good morning.

A: We will have 4 days off this weekend on the occasion of King’s Day. It’ long holiday. What are you going to do ?

B: Uhm. I’m going to go to the Cat Ba Island with my close friends.

A: Great. Will you get there by bus or by train?

B: We will go by bus. We’re planning about the agenda and what things we need bring.

A: Yes. We should prepare carefully. Many people said that Cat Ba Island is very wonderful.

B: That’s the reason we choose Cat Ba for this long holiday.

A: Yeah. Have a nice trip

B: Thanks.

2- A: Mummy, tonight’s Phuong birthday. She invites me to take part in her party.

B: Oh no, you have an exam tomorrow. You have to stay at home to study.

A: Mum, you know, she’s my closest friend. I promise I will come back at 9.30 pm and after that I will study very hard. I’m sure to get good mark.

B: Uhm. Ok but keep promise to come home on time.

A: Yes. Thank you mom.

Speaking topic:

1- A: Good morning.

B: Good morning.

A: I want to ask you about your future plan

B: Ok, go ahead.

A: What would you do after graduated?

B: I would like to become a successful business woman.

A: How can you do to make it become true?

B: I think I must study hard and trying to speak English fluently.

A: Good luck.

B: Thanks.

3- A: Good morning.

B: Good morning.

A: We will have 4 days off this weekend on the occasion of Victory Day. It’ long holiday. What are you going to do ?

B: Uhm. I’m going to go to the Ha Long with my close friends.

A: Great. Will you get there by bus or by train?

B: We will go by bus. We’re planning about the agenda and what things we need bring.

A: Sound great. So what will you do?

B: We will go swimming at the beach, visit some famous caves of Ha Long like: Dau Go cave, Thien Cung cave.. and go shopping.

A: So many things to do.. Have a nice trip.

B; Thank you

Unit 6

Tu lam tuong tu…...

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