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Martin Luther King, Jr was a well- known hero in the history of United States. King was one of the most important African American leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. Dr.King believed Gandhi’s ideas of non violence to help African Americans obtain the rights and liberties that they deserve. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s achievements in leadership and beliefs lead him to become an historic hero.

Martin Luther King, Jr, accomplished many things in his lifetime. He especially believed in civil rights between White people and African Americans. King followed Gandhi’s non- violent methods in the Civil Rights. Before the Alabama bus boycott, whites and blacks had separate seats. There were seats reserved for the whites and seats reserved for the black in the back of the bus. After Rosa Park was arrested for refusing to give up her sit to white man in front of the bus, Martin Luther King started the bus boycott. King’s non -violent method led no segregation on a bus being illegal. His non-violent method spread throughout the country. All the African- Americans used his method of non-violence, during the Bloody Sunday
March from Selma to state capital of Montgomery. While they marched, there were a

mob and police violence against the African-Americans. Bloody Sunday was a major

turning point for the Civil Rights Movement; this event was an example of Martin

Luther King, Jr’s, leadership for African-Americans.

Martin Luther King, Jr. changed the views and beliefs of a nation and to led his

people throughout the Civil Rights Movement. He fought hard to make peace and

changed the minds of many racists. King’s “I Have Dream” speech calls for equality

of human rights and suggest that people should be truly judged on who they are

instead of how they look. King believed in equality among white and black people.

He helped desegregate schools,…...

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...Martin Luther King Jr. lost his life trying to better the lives of African-American people. He was one of the greatest American Civil Rights leaders of the 1960s. He was born in 1929 in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. His father was a minister at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. At fifteen Martin Luther King Jr. was enrolled at Moorehouse College. He graduated from there in 1948, and, like his father wanted to become a minister. Martin Luther King Jr. married Corretta Scott in 1953 while doing graduate work at Boston Graduate School. They had four kids and they were together until his death. In 1955, he completed his work at Boston Graduate School and got his PHD. By this time Martin Luther King Jr. was a well-known Civil Rights Activist who was attempting to get rid of discrimination and to overthrow the unfair segregation laws in the South. Martin Luther King Jr. making a speech to some of his followers In 1956, a bomb was thrown on to the porch of Martin Luther King Jr’s house. Again in 1956, another bomb was thrown onto his porch, luckily, both times the bombs did not explode. In 1956, King was also arrested on charges of hindering operation of buses without legal cause. In 1958, he published a book called "Stride Toward Freedom: The Montgomery Story". In 1960, King moved to Atlanta with his family and becomes the co-pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church, his father’s old church. In 1962, Martin Luther King Jr. was convicted of leading a march in......

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...Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968) was an American clergyman, activist, humanitarian, and leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement. He is best known for his role in the advancement of civil rights using nonviolent civil disobedience. King has become a national icon in the history of American progressivism.[1] Born Michael King, his father changed his name in honor of German reformer Martin Luther. A Baptist minister, King became a civil rights activist early in his career. He led the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott and helped found the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) in 1957, serving as its first president. With the SCLC, King led an unsuccessful struggle against segregation in Albany, Georgia, in 1962, and organized nonviolent protests in Birmingham, Alabama, that attracted national attention following television news coverage of the brutal police response. King also helped to organize the 1963 March on Washington, where he delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech. There, he established his reputation as one of the greatest orators in American history. He also established his reputation as a radical, and became an object of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's COINTELPRO for the rest of his life. FBI agents investigated him for possible communist ties, recorded his extramarital liaisons and reported on them to government officials, and on one occasion, mailed King a threatening anonymous letter that he......

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...Americans have pride in them self saying that we are the land of freedom but if you look back in history not everybody could say they had freedom. In 1960 were a time of battles for racial justice and the war for equality. Dr. Martin Luther King JR led his troops through one of the most brilliant demonstrations of nonviolent protests this country. The protest was to send a message to the nation that equality must prevail, all men were created equal. Back in the 1960 black college students began sitting at lunch counters and other public places where they weren’t allowed or where segregation was present. 1963 Martin Luther king Jr he began to lead many campaigns against discrimination using large gatherings to protest it. The campaigns where stop by police and their dogs. Has well in 1963 he organized a march in Washington DC called the March on Washington. They did this march so that Kennedy who had created a bill could get congress to pass the bill that he created. Many people like whites and black gathered on the base of Lincoln memorial. Where Martin Luther King Jr gave his famous speech called I have a dream. “I have a dream,” he declared, “that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.’ … I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” (Staff,......

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...Martin Luther King Jr. an American Leader Jessica McElrath Santa Clara University School of Law, University of California, Berkeley ABSTRACT: There are a select few individuals who are able to still be recognized as "great" or "brilliant" because they and their accomplishments have forever changed society and the world. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of those individuals. Martin was raised in Atlanta Georgia, growing up in a world of segregation gave him the ambition to live by a heroic credo of nonviolence. People in his community looked up to his ability to be an outstanding leader, he was asked to be in charge of an organization named MIA (Montgomery Improvement Association). The success from MIA and King’s intelligence later lead him to arrange protest for jobs and freedom. Being the great leader that he was, he became very successful in achieving all of his major goals for his nation. Martin Luther King attended Morehouse College in Atlanta Georgia. While studying at Morehouse he did some reading on a well-known leader named Gandhi, who king admired for being the first person to use the love ethic as a tool to effect social change. He spent years in South Africa working to end discrimination against Indians. Gandhi believed that passive resistance could challenge violence and win (Mc,Elrath, 2008). Nonviolent resistance is the practice of achieving goals through symbolic protests, civil disobedience, economic or political noncooperation, or other methods,...

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...Mollie Bailey. Homework due: 08/09/2014. Martin Luther King. Born in Georgia, Atlanta on January the 15th 1929, Michael king Jr was the middle child of Michael King Sr. and Alberta Williams King. Michael king Jr’s Grandfather, Williams was originally rooted in rural Georgia, who then moved to Atlanta in 1893. Williams took over Ebenezer Baptist church which was struggling with only 13 members, and made it into a successful congregation. Williams, who was married to Jennie Celeste parks, had one surviving child, Alberta who marred Michael king Sr in 1926 after an 8 year courtship. Michael king Sr came from a poor sharecropper family in a poor community, not having much money to his name. In 1931, following the death of Williams, Michael king Sr became pastor of Ebenezer Baptist church carrying on the tradition of his father in law. After reaching the success, he adopted the name “Martin Luther king Sr”. In time it would be expected that Michael king Jr to do the same and adopt the name “Martin Luther King Jr”. At the age of 5, Martin Luther King Jr started public school, following the event of him being baptized in 1936. At the age of 12, Michael attempted suicide by allegedly jumping out a second story window after witnessing the traumatic death of his grandmother, Jennie. After skipping ninth and eleventh grade at Booker t Washington high school, he started Morehouse College...

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...Dr. Martin Luther King’s Funeral and Assassination Word spread like wildfire when the news of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination hit the public. As the leading civil rights activist in the 1960s, Martin Luther King Jr. preached words of peace and understanding among races. A well known name throughout the North and South, King gained extreme popularity within the African American community. When Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated a wave of sorrow spread across the nation. With rage, sadness, and hopelessness in the public eye, clearly the assassination hurt more than just one man, it hurt a nation. A single shot killed 39-year-old Martin Luther King Jr. on April 4, 1968. At the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee, a sniper from about “50-100 yards away,” shot and struck Dr. King’s neck, while instantaneously killing him (“Martin Luther King Slain” 139). From the crime scene, F.B.I. investigators traced a “white Mustang automobile,” and an “‘unusually large’ amount of physical evidence” (Waldron 1). With fingerprints, the actual rifle, and eyewitnesses as definite pieces of evidence, F.B.I. agents concluded that a Caucasian man executed the assassination and that he would be very easily caught (Waldron 1). Eyewitness testimony even stated that the “saw a white man [ran] from the house immediately after the shooting” (“Martin Luther King Slain” 140). As a shocking and horrific event, the assassination of Dr. King proved to test the nation’s character.......

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...this subject? I choose this subject because I think Martin Luther King is a special and interesting character. I am admiring the fights he fought and the way he fought with peace. He kept his opinion though all the adversity and just that, showed what a strong man he was. Human’s rights have always been in my interest. Especially when it´s racial segregation. I am an opponent of the people who are judging based on the skincolour. The same position as King, that’s also why I choose this subject. The beginning of Martin Luther King Jr. life: Martin Luther King was born in Atlanta, January the 15th 1929. He was actually named Michael, but when he was 6, his father – Michael Luther King senior - decided to change both of their names to Martin. He did it in tribute for Martin Luther. Martin Luther, King Junior and King senior had something in common. They were all trying to change and abolish the old systems. Luther did it in the churches and Luther King did it in the society. The Bus boycott in Montgomery: In 1953, Martin Luther King becomes a priest in a Baptist church in Montgomery. Two years later a black woman in a buss, called Rosa Park, refused to leave her seat for a white man. She got arrested. It was the starting signal of one of the first and biggest campaigns in the American history. This campaign was to tell the world that the blacks weren´t treated right. The day after Rosa Parks´ arresting, King was leading a meeting in the church. The church......

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...hate, Negroes deserve the same treatment as Whites. ** I agree with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s thesis statement and his supporting ideas. Summary: In his speech, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivers a powerful message on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963. I have a dream is a speech in which Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. cultivates the powerful force of peace in people to act out in love towards racism. He is trying to reach the good in people and believes that love will be more effective than hate. TS: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. effectively conveys his message of equality and non-violence by making an emotional appeal to Americans. EM: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s speech brought change to America, Americans were unified, and caused people to view others differently. I. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s speech brought change to America. A. People were moved by his emotions. B. It inspired equality in Americans. C. America yielded to peace. II. Americans were unified. B. Racism was reduced. C. Peace prevailed over violence. III. Caused people to view others differently. A. People changed their perspective. B. Race became less significant C. Humanity was changed by love. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Speech I have a dream I have a dream speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is recognized as one of the greatest speeches ever presented. Over 50 years ago, in August of 1963, Dr. King captivated America with his significant I have a dream speech......

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...Martin Luther King Jr. Michael King Jr. on January 15, 1929, and was the middle child of Michael King Sr. and Alberta Williams King. The King and Williams families were from rural Georgia. Martin Jr.'s grandfather, A.D. Williams, was a rural minister for years and then moved to Atlanta in 1893. He took over the small, struggling Ebenezer Baptist church with around 13 members and made it into a forceful congregation. He married Jennie Celeste Parks and they had one child, Alberta. Michael King Sr. came from a sharecropper family in a poor farming community. He married Alberta in 1926 after an eight-year courtship. The newlyweds moved to A.D. Williams home in Atlanta. In 1948, Martin Luther King Jr. earned a sociology degree from Morehouse College and attended the liberal Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester, Pennsylvania. He thrived in all his studies, and was valedictorian of his class in 1951, and elected student body president. He also earned a fellowship for graduate study. But Martin also rebelled against his father’s more conservative influence by drinking beer and playing pool while at college. He became involved with a white woman and went through a difficult time before he could break off the affair. In the spring of 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. organized a demonstration in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. Entire families attended. City police turned dogs and fire hoses on demonstrators. Martin Luther King was jailed along with large numbers of his......

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...Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a solid force in the fight against racism and segregation in the late 1950s and early 1960s. He was a man with profound speaking skills that led to his influence of the minority peoples of the United States. King was a sincere man who was against using violence to rise above the roadblocks thrown in the way of Black people all across the country. Background Michael Luther King, Jr. was born in Atlanta, Georgia on January 15, 1929 to the Reverend Michael Luther King, Sr. and Alberta Williams King. The Louisiana State University (1996-2011) website Michael was the first born son and second child for the couple. Michael Luther King, Jr. had an older sister named Christine King Farris and a younger brother the late Reverend Alfred Daniel Williams King. When Michael was young King, Sr. started calling himself and his oldest son Martin. On June 19, 1953 King, Sr. performed the marriage ceremony for King, Jr. and Coretta Scott. Together they had four children, Yolanda Denise born in 1955, Martin Luther III in 1957, Dexter Scott in 1961, and Bernice Albertine born in 1963 (Louisiana State University, 1996-2011). King’s father and grandfather were both members of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Atlanta, Georgia. His father’s own fight for equality in voting rights and teacher salaries helped to shape King into a political icon of the future (Carson, 2000). Education King attended......

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